Knaves Court – a message of thanks to you all!

Morne ornaments than you can shake a stick at – donated by Solid Sculptures via Kevin Price.

At the weekend, I made a huge request of the community of blog readers and friends out there, to help out Knaves Court Extra Care Facility near Anchor Bridge in Brownhills who’d had ornaments and a hose stolen from the communal garden in the days previously.

The garden is essential and welcome therapy for many of the senior folk who live at Knaves Court, and provides occupation, social opportunities and the joy of watching stuff grow. The residents were heartbroken.

You all rallied around wonderfully – showing that for every heartless scumbag thief, there’s a whole army of decent people will to help fix things up.

There were many offers of hoses, tools and ornaments. A blog stalwart exiled oop north offered to pay directly for replacements. Local businesses made offers. Laura Hucker started a crowdfunder that quickly raised £127.

Reader Kevin Price was a case in point – he shared my appeal on his group Chase Lighthouse and spotted homeless and he received an offer from Solid Sculptures ( of a whole bunch of new ornaments which the cadets cemented in on Sunday afternoon. Just how amazing is that?

Yesterday, Janet Grinnell Mailed me to ask if I’d post the following message, thanking you all on the blog – of course I’m happy to oblige.

Janet wrote:

Hi Bob

Thankyou so much for helping us. Everyone has been so kind, it’s incredible.

I’m trying to reply to people personally but could you also put out a massive thankyou for us to everyone who’s helped. From feeling so down last week there is now a lovely happy feeling this week with all the kindness and friendship that people have shown. I feel that we’ve seen the real Brownhills this week, a real community.

Please tell everyone we are so grateful – not just for the physical items but also for taking us to their hearts. We are overwhelmed by the kindness show.

Thankyou again

Thanks Janet for the kind words – I’ve always known we have great community here and I knew when I asked you would all help if you could, because you’re excellent people. But my gratitude is huge – thank you for your immense generosity, both material and of time and spirit.

You make me proud of this town, the blog and those who read the plea and offered help in whatever way you could.

You can still donate on GoFundMe by clicking here – my huge thanks to Laura for setting that one up.

This is the stolen golfer memorial ornament. Image from Kevin Price.

As to the thefts, this mage is of the golfer memorial ornament that was stolen: it’s distinctive, someone must recognise it. Kevin Price sent in the picture and I think if we could actually recover it it would put the cherry on the cake.

If you have seen the ornament in question, do get in touch, or contact the police on 101.

Again, thank you all.

Or of course, you can comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Community whiz and queen of the Pelsallian Espresso Laura Hucker started a Gofundme appeal yesterday which already has £107 in it at the time of posting. Clcik on the screenshot to donate.

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2 Responses to Knaves Court – a message of thanks to you all!

  1. John Bishop says:

    This has been a wonderful response,but the thieving scrotes are still walking about free to do the same again to someone else.As this is a relatively petty crime it will undoubtedly go unsolved and unpunished.That is the annoying part.

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