Walsall wildlife watchers – keep ’em peeled!

After mentioning the excellent work of Chaz Mason over at the Clayhanger Marsh Log yesterday, I was reminded of this post from a week ago. Chaz points out that the Walsall town centre peregrines are active and easily obserbved at the moment. It’s not often mentioned, but the tall buildings, masts and rooftops of our urban environment often make excellent habitats for these raptors, with a ready source of food. High above the streets here’s little to trouble them, and the walls and profiles of tall buildings mimic their natural hunting environment. This dedicated wild man of Clayhanger also points out that there is a pair of breeding kestrels to see, too.

I wonder if this could provide a photographic opportunity for the excellent work of the Walsall Flickr group?

Peregrinations of a birder

If you find yourself in Walsall, particularly during the evening keep your ears open for the call of the local Peregrine Falcons. They are really active at the moment. Last Wednesday evening one was on the Civic Centre and the other on the Town Hall tower. At 20:45 one was still hunting and showing well over Walsall Market…

Read the full post at ‘The Clayhanger Marsh Log’

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