Full details of upcoming 10/10A bus service changes now available

We’ll soon find it much easier to visit La-di-dah Lichfield by bus! Image from my 365days journal.

Following the welcome news of the extension of the National Express West Midlands service 10A to Lichfield coming late this July (But just in time for the school holidays) there was some concern expressed locally about the continued route, timings and provision of the sister 10 service in Brownhills.

Yesterday, National Express West Midlands issued the following press release and accompanying timetable. The press releasee is below.

You can download a PDF copy of the new timetable by clicking here or use the gallery at the foot of this post – click on any image to see a larger version.

The bus company said:

New services to Lichfield coming 22nd July

We’re very excited to announce that from Sunday 22nd July, we are making changes to the current 10 and 10A services operating between Walsall and Brownhills.

Buses will now run to Lichfield, 7 days a week, from Walsall, Rushall, Shelfield, Brownhills, Chasetown and Burntwood. These services will run every 30 minutes Monday-Saturday, and every 60 minutes on Sundays. Crucially, this means that a Sunday service is returning to Lichfield, following the complete withdrawal of all buses there in April this year.

Changes to service 10:

From 22nd July, service 10 will run between Walsall, Streets Corner and Brownhills ONLY.

In Brownhills, buses will operate along the one-way loop currently served by the 10A from the Tin Man island, along Chester Road (A452) to The Rising Sun, A5 (Watling Street), Chase Road and Lichfield Road.

Changes to service 10A:

The 10A will still serve Coppice Road in Walsall Wood, but from Brownhills, it will run along Lichfield Road, Chase Road, Ogley Hay Road, Highfields Road, Chasetown Clock, High Street, Milestone Way, Bridge Cross Road, Springhill Road, Chase Road, Burntwood (Swan), Lichfield Road, Walsall Road, The Friary, St. John Street and Birmingham Road, terminating at Lichfield Bus Station.

Buses will continue to run up to every 10 minutes between Walsall and Brownhills.

Please note that Rising Sun will now be served by the 10, and not the 10A. Chasetown and Burntwood will be served by the 10A.

Please view the new timetable for these services, which will come into effect from Sunday 22nd July 2018

My thanks to Simon Swain, Councillor Steve Wade and others who fought hard for this change and to Luke Gottard for the tipoff of the press release.

As I said a couple of days ago: This has the potential to be a great service – use it or lose it, folks.

If you have any observations, please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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  1. stymaster says:

    Looks like a good service. It’d be nice to get an evening service to Lichfield too, but this is a great start.

    • jordankennethbird20014604 says:

      Walsall 1901 BX 09 PCO Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863922 Scania Omnilink B43F 413596 Reyann
      Walsall 1902 BX 09 PCU Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863940 Scania Omnilink B43F 413597 Teylaa Cienna
      Walsall 1903 BX 09 PCV Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863933 Scania Omnilink B43F 413598 Tehya-Grace
      Walsall 1904 BX 09 PCY Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863942 Scania Omnilink B43F 413599 Tishay
      Walsall 1905 BX 09 PCZ Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863943 Scania Omnilink B43F 413600 Vally
      Walsall 1906 BX 09 PDO Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863945 Scania Omnilink B43F 413601 Steve Ainsworth
      Walsall 1907 BX 09 PDU Scania K230UB YS2K4X20001863946 Scania Omnilink B43F 413602 Alan Tranter

      4856/1898-1900 will be staying at Walsall now.

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