Heartless theft from the communal garden at Knaves Court – can you help these senior gardeners, please?

Knaves Court. Archive picture from my 365days journal.

This is an appeal for help and witnesses to a very sad theft in recent days from the Knaves Court extra care facility at Anchor Bridge, Brownhills, where a hosepipe and garden ornaments have been stolen from the community garden in the last few days.

Janet Grinnell got in touch this morning, and explained:

Hi Bob

Thanks for helping us.

The residents have all been pulling together over the last two months to get the garden looking beautiful. Being out in the fresh air and seeing a lovely garden lifts everyone’s spirits but this has obviously put a damper on things.

We think the things disappeared over 1st/2nd June. I’d been on annual leave that week and the residents told me when I got back on Monday. They were all quite upset as there is a real pride here in their ‘ownership’ of the garden – they tend it regularly.

It’s not tools that have been taken, apart from part of our hosepipe which saved us carrying small but heavy cans of water backwards and forwards across the garden – our residents are obviously older in years and carting water about is tiring. We have had some of our lovely statues taken – among them a three and a half foot golfer that served as a memorial for one of our past residents and a large frog planter. These things are difficult to replace and I suppose may simply become a target again even if we could.

It’s the upset that it has caused that is the main thing. We are a real community here and the garden is a focus for everyone, a hobby, a place to meet friends and a calm resting place when you need it. It brings everyone together.

Thanks for listening, Bob. I don’t really know what we can do about it but thankyou anyway for trying.


Now nicking statues from the old folk’s communal garden is pretty shitty, and I do hope bad fortune smiles upon the shameless scrotes who have been so heartless – but I’d like to ask the wider community whom I know have hearts of gold if they can help?

Obviously, if you’ve seen the ornaments in question, do get in touch, or contact the police on 101; but in the meantime has anyone got a spare hosepipe or other bits an pieces these senior gardeners can have, please?

I think we all know the therapeutic and social benefits of gardening and I’d like to get the oldsters smiling in the flower borders again as quick as possible.

Whilst I’ve not got green fingers I know many here have and would certainly help counter the damage caused by those with light ones. I know it’s a big request, but if you can help, you can contact Janet dierectly on the following:

Janet Grinnell
Activities Coordinator
Direct Dial 0370 192 4204
Janet.Grinnell at housingandcare21.co.uk
Knaves Court, High Street, Brownhills, Walsall, WS8 6DJ

Or of course, you can comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Thanks in advance to all who help.

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3 Responses to Heartless theft from the communal garden at Knaves Court – can you help these senior gardeners, please?

  1. John Bishop says:

    It must be someone local,with local knowledge as my dad had his shed broken into and a petrol weed whacker stolen and that was Lindon Drive,all in a very small area.

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