Who’s on this team, and who are they?

This is a real mystery. 60s perhaps, but BDE? Bill is goalie, from left I think. Can you help? Image from David Evans via Lynn Shaw.

Since the sad passing of Bill Shaw, old friend of the blog, champion of local football and Clayhanger lad, the tributes have been fullsome, and so richly deserved – but it’s also wonderful to hear the memories and see photos emerge of this wonderful man.

Bill sadly passed away following serious illness on 4th March as reported here previously, and the accolades to this wonderful man have been copious and wide ranging. All our hearts go out to Bill’s wife Lynn, his family and all at the local football clubs he so diligently supported.

Lynn, Bill’s wife has written to me to ask about the image above, sent to her by David Evans. It shows Bill as goalie for this team – photo from the 1960s judging by the hair and kit.

She asked:

Hi Bob,

David Evans has kindly sent me the photo below, I’ve never seen it and I don’t know if Bill knew of its existence.  I recognise Bill he was goalkeeper.  David told me there are 2 more on photo that I know, John Clayton 3rd from right in back row and David Greenwood 2nd from right in front row.

I have no idea what BDE stands for though, can any of your readers help with players names or the team name please it’s sometime in the 60’s, long before I met Bill.

Lynn (Shaw)

So, the burning question is who were the BDE team (obviously local, or near local) and who else is pictured? Please help if you can – comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Meanwhile, for the Wood faithful, it’s game on tonight for the Under 18s who I know Bill loved (Friday, 13th April 2018):

Bill and a somewhat skinny friend, as captured by David Evans.

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2 Responses to Who’s on this team, and who are they?

  1. Ray Share says:

    The football team was bed Baden Darryl and Earnie the Preston’s of freezland lane builders Baden and Darrel are still ith us sadly Earnie left some years ago now back right is les share badens brother in law my brother les lives in newton about

  2. Ivor Osbornei says:

    John Heath is next to Bill Shaw on the front row and i think Roger Faulkner is on the back row

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