Brownhills war hero Edward Tunstall: can you help locate the lost photos please?


We’ve previously featured the past days of the Legion in Brownhills when we helped locate the location (Lichfield Road) of this photo, which eventually turned up the plaque itself – now in the Parkview Centre!  Image from the Bill Mayo collection.

I’m glad things seem to have… settled down a little in the last few days and we can get back to what we do best: Local history.

I’ve had a fascinating and very detailed enquiry come in from reader Emma Smith that I’m hoping some of the old blog hands and researchers can help with – I know that Brownhills still has a British Legion Branch (whose current appeal for the Remembrance Parade is very important) and I hope someone can hook up with them to perhaps light this enquiry up.

We featured the history of the local branch of the Legion some time ago with the story of the above photo and plaque, now with pride of place in the Parkview Centre after being found in a garage!

Thanks to Emma for a fascinating enquiry. If you can help, please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Hi Bob

I’m not sure if anyone can help but its worth a shot. 

My Grandmother is 93 and whilst doing my family tree I have been looking into my Great Grandfather Edward Tunstall previously of 165, Watling Street, Brownhills. He was  a soldier in South Staffordshire Regiment surviving the Boar war and the Somme.  

After leaving the Army he worked back at the colliery and also joining the Old Contemptibles and British Legion. My Grandmother remembers his time in the British Legion well as he was a Standard Bearer and was very proud of this position.  She remembers every Sunday there would be a meeting which was held at the Headquarters which were at the time at The Wilkin Road Club (The Waterside) she said there used to be a huge photo of him in the club and several others dotted around. 

I am basically wondering if there is still anyone around that remembers these pictures and if there is still a Brownhills British Legion that may have any records in relation to him.  

When he died in 1949 he had a beautiful funeral thanks to the British Legion and my grandmother remembers them carrying his coffin through Brownhills draped in a flag.  It would be great if I could find some information in relation to him as we have been unsuccessful in relation to Army records.

Years later my Grandmother’s in-laws Doris and Sidney Hewitt ran The Wilkin Road Club and remembers that the photos and the meetings were no longer held at the club. 

Thank you in anticipation.
Emma Smith

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4 Responses to Brownhills war hero Edward Tunstall: can you help locate the lost photos please?

  1. Already, the wonderful Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler has located the following new item, featured in the Lichfield Mercury 25 July 1916…

    Thanks to Peter for that!


  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    a super find by Pedro. I wonder if the tunnelling mentioned was near Messines!
    kind regards

  3. Emma Smith says:

    Cheers Bob I already have this xx

  4. Pedro says:

    Thanks Bob for posting the clip, I was under the impression that Emma had been unsuccessful in relation to Army records.

    Anyway it is first hand info for anyone interested.

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