A tug of war, a railway themed restaurant and a Victorian day – great memories from the Clayhanger Kid

Brian said ‘We had a tug o war with a difference down Clanger during the 70s. The losers had a chance to cool off anyway!’ Image kindly supplied by Brian Stringer.

Friend of the blog, community activist and Clayhanger Kid himself, Brian Stringer has recently shared three remarkable image of recent historical interest in the Brownhills and Clayhanger area.

I include Brian’s own captions with these fascinating photos, and I can’t add much to them, but they are remarkable and I hope they’ll prove a talking point – and a little welcome light relief from the heavy news of the past week or so.

The tug of war is stunning. The clear view through the bridge to Bailey House is interesting – apparently before the tip had reached the canal there, and I don’t remember the concrete fences on the Clayhanger Bridge at all. What a remarkable and fun event – and a well timed  shot!

The Holy Trinity School Victorian day is fascinating. I wonder if it was a national thing? Someone must recall those faces…

The Railway Tavern is an interesting shot, and must have been among the first theme pubs. I’ve noted this interesting restaurant before, following a post by Chasewaterstuff – see here. Sadly, the Railway Tavern was lost a long time ago – but many fond memories remain, particularly of discos there.

Cheers to Brian for a great contribution, and his remarkable generosity off spirit, as ever. A true friend of the blog and of the wider Brownhills, Clayhanger and Walsall Wood community. Respect.

If you can add anything to these images, please do: either comment on this post or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Brian said ‘1980 I believe, the kids at Holy Trinity in Clayhanger dressed in Victorian costume to celebrate the 100th birthday of their school. Head Mrs Marlowe is in the middle but I wonder how many kids recognise themselves?’ Image kindly supplied by Brian Stringer.

Brian said ‘Here’s another old un when the Railway Tavern really looked like a railway. Bloke with the whistle is Billy Locke who worked on the railways at the time.’ Image kindly supplied by Brian Stringer.

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4 Responses to A tug of war, a railway themed restaurant and a Victorian day – great memories from the Clayhanger Kid

  1. K Briggs says:

    I can remember garth Williams got wet outside instead of inside great day

  2. aerreg says:

    thanks for the memories BRIAN my childhood days BILLY LOCK and the tavern un clanger do you remember when MR and mrs LISTER kept the tavern god bless you my friend

  3. Ann Riddell nee Marlow says:

    Mrs Marlow head of Holy Trinity School was my sister-in-law.

    • David Evans says:

      Hello Ann,
      I had the privilege of reading through the complete set of Clayhanger Holy trinity School logbooks a few years ago and sent summary notes to Brownhills Bob. They give a fascinating insight in to the village life from the day the school opened..1880, I think.. Mrs Doreen Marlow’s notes were the most complete and detailed.
      kind regards

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