The gnomons of Aldridge

Sundials are lovely, but what the Dickens is going on here? Click through to read the post at Linda’s blog.

Here’s just a quick note to regular readers not on social media or who perhaps haven’t noticed that Linda Mason, ‘The Mad Old Baggage’ has a new post up about a very interesting situation in Aldridge, concerning planning and a curious bullishness evident in some quarters, and it’s rather curious stuff.

For my mind, Linda doesn’t write nearly enough, but each post she does publish is heartfelt, to the point and well informed. This one contains an interesting aspect relevant to many communities – including ours – and the way some of the unelected spokespeople tend to think they know best about what folk want.

Please do check this post out,

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7 Responses to The gnomons of Aldridge

  1. Barry Gilkes says:

    Just had a quick read and what jumped out at me was that Tesco had granted them £10000 for the proposed scheme. Could some tell me where there is a Tesco in Aldridge?

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    this odd scheme does seem to me to be prompted more by Rotary desire for self promotion than for remembrance. A quick look at Cannock Town Centre clock shows a prominence of Rotary festooned plinths. Presumably Rotary and Tesco will feature here, too.
    I have yet to see any Rotary logo,or Tesco, on any headstones in the numerous war graves I have visited in France and Belgium
    kind regards

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thank you for bringing this worrying matter to public attention. LInda has raised some very important issues of proberty and has asked some questions, directly of those whose subsequent” comments” have been, how can I put it.. less than chivalrous.
    The questions remain unanswered, apparently.
    kind regards

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