Beware of a man with a clipboard – and local thefts continue


Some odd stuff going down in The Wood at the moment… Imagery from Apple Maps.

A couple of local crime alerts here – one of which is rather bizarre, so please be careful, folks!

I’ve been informed by local resident Jackie, who told the following story:

Wondered if anyone else has been approached by a man with a clipboard in Walsall Wood area claiming to have broken down with a lorry, and the breakdown truck has gone off with his wallet and phone in the wagon?

He’s claiming to be trying to get to Tipton, Willenhall, asking for cash.

My husband was approached but thought it suspicious and didn’t offer anything, then couple days later my neighbour was approached at bus stop and fell for the story and gave him £10.

She saw him again the next day with clipboard but he walked past her.

He was wearing a dark bomber style jacket and spoke with a northern accent.

Local resident Matt added:

Yes. Druids walk on Thursday morning. 9am. Said he’s motor had been towed away with his wallet and stuff.

Asked me how to far it was and which direction to Willenhall. Told him good luck mate. Long walk.

He asked me for a quid for the bus. Told him the bus was £2.40. Left him walking towards the school.

Kirsty also met the chap:

A man with a clip board stopped me and my partner by the Anchor pub asking how far he was from Willenhall via walking and where he can get fare from for the buses.

I thought it was a bit strange myself.

The man is described as white, wearing a black jacket and carrying a clipboard. He speaks with a Northern, possibly Ulster accent.

Panhandling itself isn’t serious, but this man is clearly worrying a few people and obtaining money by deception so please be on your guard – and if you’ve been approached, please do call the police on 101.

Secondly, the local thefts continue. The following alert was drawn to my attention by reader Jules, who had a leisure battery stolen from her caravan on her driveway on Tuesday – she said the thieves had tried to get into the van, too:

Dear Resident,

Please be mindful that we have had a number of theft from motor vehicle offences reported to us in your area.

The thefts were from caravans and the target appears to be the batteries. The offences reported occurred over night between 03/01/17 and 04/01/17.

We are asking residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to us.

We would also like to remind residents to always secure their vehicles and keep any valuables locked away.

kind regards
PC 21724 Stef Arber
Brownhills NHT

Please, if you have any information, do speak to the cops, and do report every incident – the more people report incidents, the more likely they are to be tackled.

If you know who the culprits might be, or if you saw anything at all, please do contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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3 Responses to Beware of a man with a clipboard – and local thefts continue

  1. Sarah Louise says:

    The same bloke was outside knaves court, brownhills this afternoon approximately 2pm, he too asked for bus fare as he wanted to get to willenhall, said he had no money as his wallet was in his car which was stuck in willenhall. He was wearing the same black bomber jacket as others described with a clipboard. He looked to be in his late 40’s. I walked away after explaining to him I had no change but which bus stop to catch the bus from should he get some money. He contunited to linger around knaves court for half an hour before walking up shire oak hill. Thought it was odd.

  2. Suze tipper says:

    Hi bob saw the guy with the clipboard today going past mine (barrow close) !! Did think he looked strange as in what he wore and then a clipboard. I will keep an eye out as there are a lot of older people around.

  3. Kat says:

    This guy came into our cafe today in Shelfield off Spring road. This time he had no clipboard and made out he didn’t know the area and needed to get to Walsall manor hospital. I can retrieve CCTV footage as he walked into the cafe and spoke to me at the counter. He had previously done his at another location on coppice lane in Aldridge so I remembered his face and the similar story asking for money so I told him to get out and he should be ashamed scamming people. Just need people to know he’s at it again this time in the Shelfield area.

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