New year quiz – last day – clues to make it easier

The new year quiz is running, and I think this year I made it a bit too hard, so I’m helping out with some clues – anyone could snatch part two at the moment, and spot prizes to be won, so have a go.

Part One for the researchers can be found clicking here

You can see some clues in the comments here.

Q1: This is in recent times, and was advertised in a local publication.
Q13: They were neighbours.
Q15: Check 365days for autumn. I don’t evade many things.
Q20: I go to the same midsummer event every year.

Part Two for the explorers can be found by clicking here

You can see plenty of clues to the remaining questions here

Q27 This is at Longwood. Easy point if you’re passing!
Q32 is on coppice side
Q33 think local cellphone masts!
Q36 It’s on a bin, by a footpath, on a bank somewhere I go a fair bit.
Q38 He’s near a vintage gear seller and a bric a brac seller
Q39 That’s in Hammerwich
Q40 It’s a local pub in quite a dark place, hence the floodlight
Q41 Is on a bridge in a picturesque spot
Q44 is near a manufacturer of structural steelwork that’s usually painted orange
Q45 is near the bear with the fish. Really surprised nobody got this.
Q46 You can possibly do this one from 365days photos. Fly creek is where the boardwalk is that floods when Chasewater is full!
Q47 it’s in St. James, Brownhills. But Where?
Q48 Two words. A barn conversion noted for the letter N
Q50 and 52 clues in answers above! 52 has been empty for years.

Beer and books to be won – and a single right answer could win a spot prize! Have fun, it’s running until tonight. New posts appear below!

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2 Responses to New year quiz – last day – clues to make it easier

  1. Helen says:

    Q15 August 29th – My apologies to the toad-phobics, but I had to share this wee fellow. He looks bloody angry and he had a right to be: I was a shade from running him over in the dark on the towpath near Pelsall Road, but a last minute swerve just missed him.
    I picked him up and popped him in the grass, annoying him further.
    In true laissez-faire toad fashion, he never moved a millimetre on his own.

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