Urgent – Maine Coon cat missing from Clayhanger – have you seen him?


This handsome chap is missing from Clayhanger. Have you seen him, please?

This cat has now returned home – thanks everyone for your help – Bob

Hi folks – anyone in the Clayhanger, Brownhills or Walsall Wood area seen the above rather wonderful cat? He’s gone missing from Clayhanger and his owner Phyl his desperate to find him.

Puss went missing recently, and he’s rather timid so may make a sharp exit if approached.

Phyl wrote:

Hi Bob

Please could you put this picture of this much loved lost cat in Clayhanger on your website/Facebook page?

He is a male cat and very timid so may run if approached.

Please just call 07425 135864 if you see him.

He is a Maine coon long haired bkack and white male.


If’s you’ve seen this handsome fellow, please contact Phyl on the number above, commenting here or mailing me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

let’s see is we can get him home!

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