Have you lost a bag near Co-op corner in Brownhills?


A mystery bag found by a very public-spirited blog reader. Do you recognise it? Image supplied by reader Paul Evans.

Reader Paul Evans has been in touch with a bit of an odd one: he found the above bag on the street last Saturday, just by National Tyre in Ogley Road/Chase Road, Brownhills – just at Co-op Corner.

Paul says it contains something that would be important to the owner, but bears no identification, and someone is very probably missing it.

I have Paul’s email address here so if anyone who recognises the bag would like to get in touch, comment here or mail me and I’ll hook you up – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Thanks to Paul for being so public spirited.

On a side note, Paul did the sensible thing – he tried to take it to the police station, to hand in as lost property, only to find that the station had shut. The small ways in which local services are missed, eh?

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2 Responses to Have you lost a bag near Co-op corner in Brownhills?

  1. Cal Staines says:

    Hey I believe I know who this belongs to.

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