There’s the rub


From the Birmingham Mail, 4th January 1939: Dicky Dorsett looks on as his teammate gets a sporting massage. Click for a larger version.

One recurring theme here on the blog is the story of one of Brownhills’ most notable sons – Dickie Dorsett, ace footballer known as the Brownhills Bomber, who was a major-league football star in times past and by all accounts a thoroughly decent bloke.

A couple of weeks ago, Peter ‘pedro’ Cutler was trawling the archives of the Birmingham Mail and came upon a whole tranche of interesting stuff – more later – not least the above photo of Dickie and teammates preparing for an important game.

This will probably be of interest to Sue Lote, whose work on Dickie is incomparable. Sue states that Dickie actually came from a family with a strong footballing pedigree, and has some really interesting bits an pieces on her page dedicated to him.

What do you know, folks? BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, or comment here. Thanks to Richard Lee for the prod.

Sue Lote’s site contains a wealth of information about the Dorsett family. Click on the screenshot to go take a look.

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9 Responses to There’s the rub

  1. graham birch (grandson of George Dorsett) says:

    Hi all, nice to see Dickie remembered so fondly by the people of Brownhills. He was my mothers cousin and I was very lucky to spend a day with him just before he passed away. What a great man he was and sadly missed by all the family.
    Graham Birch.

  2. aerreg says:

    happy days when football was football not tactics the ball was leather with a rubber bladder and dubbin the boots were leather with studs and shin pads and dickies hair was kept in place with brylcreem the ball was dribbled not pass the parcel and every one in the crowd had a cap on re HOPE SPRING ETERNAL yes i know times have changed my apolagies to modern supporters but you must admit the final score lines were bigger and line up more exiting and no i was never any good at football

  3. Pedro says:

    Later in the year Wolves would loose the 1939 FA Cup final to Portsmouth by 4 goals to 1.

    Dorset was the scorer of the Wolverhampton goal.

  4. Stephen cawley says:

    The villa supporters club used to use the top club room every month and would have visiting players occasionally ,Dickie would come to these meetings and always had something to contribute ,he was a real gentleman but I would guess a real hard man in his day

  5. kathy bull nee [cooper] says:

    Dickie was my grans brother ,I didn’t meet him wish I had I have the same photo as above it was my grans,our timmy was good at football I no where he got it from now .

    • Rachel Jhonson says:

      Hi did dickie have a sister name Dorothy. ? I have just been told that he was my nans brother. Just trying to find out if thats correct. Does anyone know ? Any information would be appreciated so I can can put my family tree together for my children many thanks

      • graham birch says:

        Dicki was my mother’s cousin I suggest that you speak to sue lote, she is related to Dicki. You will find her on line and she lives in Brownhills. If you want any further information on the football side then please contact me.
        Regards graham

  6. Reg Fullelove says:

    hi rachel mime 90 years ago irecall dickies sister was called dinah those were the days when we called the families who lived along the watling street brownhills west thats where the dorsets lived the bboys and girlswere educated there until the y came to brownhills central boys and girls to ogley hay senior girls school miss hall head mistress boys central mr wright my late wife would have gone to school with dinah as i remember her i went to central ope thi hleps gogod bless

    • graham birch says:

      Hi Reg, Dickie was well known, but dont forget his uncles George and Joe both played for West Brom and Man city. Joe goiing on to play for Coln,Southend United and Millwall. George was my grandfather. Met Dickie just before he passed away, great bloke, spent the day talking to him, what a great experience.

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