White dog found in Brownhills – let’s get her home!


What a lovely dog! Found yesterday and now at Pool House Vets, who posted this image on Facebook.

An appeal reaches me via Facebook from Pool House Veterinary Hospital – a rather gorgeous white dog was found in Brownhills yesterday (Sunday 29th May 2016) and it would be nice if we could reunite her with his owners, who clearly love her very much.

Sadly, the dog is chipped but the details stored are out of date.

Pool House had this to say:


This female dog was found today in Brownhills. She is approximately 1 year old and is microchipped but the details registered are out date.
If you recognise her then please call the Lichfield hospital on 01543 262464

You can call Pool House Veterinary Hospital in Fosseway Lane, between Wall and Lichfield, on 01543 262464, or check out their Facebook page here.

Cheers to the folks who passed this on. Let’s hope this gorgeous wee lass finds her owners soon!

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6 Responses to White dog found in Brownhills – let’s get her home!

  1. Ade reid says:

    If you buy a dog that is already micro chipped you need to re register it with your details.Or else what is the point of an out of date micro chip ? Hope the dog is reunited with its owners soon..

  2. I’m seeing some reports that data isn’t being changed properly when requested; a relative had a chipped cat, applied to have the data changed and it found out when checking months later info hadn’t been updated.

    It’s also possible I guess that the people have just moved house (I suppose that’s when lots of dogs lose their bearings) and it’s still being processed.

    just a thought

  3. Ade reid says:

    Fair comment Bob but I suspect that its the administrative charge that puts new owners off registering their dogs.we have 14 dogs and various litters through out the year all of which we have to register and it costs money.And of April this year all dogs have to be chipped and that means with the CURRENT owners details .If you love your pooch Get the details amended.Small price to pay if you ever lose your dog.

  4. Ade reid says:

    While Im on my soapbox.If you cant commit at least 10 years of your life to your dog.i suggest you dont have one.That includes vet bills,sleepless nights.no holidays,etc etc.Then you will understand why we have so many rescue homes for unwanted pets.Dogs are not like televisions,that have to be changed every 6 months for the latest version.This modern society sickens me with its throw away mentality……………

    • Hi people

      Whilst I applaud the above sentiments, I need to point out that as the ownership and circumstances in which the above dog was lost are obviously unknown to us, conferring any of the above negative connotations to them would be wholly wrong.

      I post notices like the above in the hope the humanity of readers will help get pets back to their homes, as so often happens here.

      I’d be grateful if we could all bear that in mind, please.


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