Don’t forget Lichfield Bower today!


It’s party time in Lichfield!

Well, Spring Bank Holiday Monday is upon us, and that means that it’s Lichfield Bower Day in Ye Olde City – and I notice our friends at Lichfield Waterworks Trust and Lichfield Discovered are up to mischief…

Lichfield Waterworks Trust posted on their Facebook page:

If you go down to the Lichfield Greenhill Bower on Monday, you’re in for a big surprise.

If you go down to the Lichfield Greenhill Bower on Monday, you’ll never believe your eyes.

For the Lichfield Waterworks Trust have building the biggest, boldest and bestist float that ever there was.

See the Lichfield Waterworks Trust float leading the procession at the Lichfield Greenhill Bower, with our very own giant Cornish Beam engine. ‪#‎sandfields‬

I hear an additional act will probably be Fabricantio the Clown, who’s a well known figure of some hilarity in the city, and worth the journey alone…


Do you know this greasemonkey? If you do, please contact local police immediately…

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