Clayhanger Villa: what do you know?

Football Photo 01

That background looks familiar. Anyone know where it it? Jack Hinks bottom right, team possibly Clayhanger Villa. Image kindly donated by Jean Houghton.

Since it’s Saturday, I thought I’d share this great football team lineup pictures from reader Jean Houghton, featuring her dad, Jack Hinks.

Jean thinks the images might be of Clayhanger Villa – obviously both I and Jean welcome any input on this from readers, also dates and other team member names would be great if possible.

In the past, we’ve had great success with teams as diverse as Walsall Wood FC, Brownhills Albion, Brownhills UnitedBrownhills Town and even Wernicks FC! Let’s see what we can find out here.

Jean wrote:

Hi BrownhillsBob,

I have attached two old photos that belonged to my Dad. They are both of football teams and it looks likely that they are for the same team.

I can remember my Dad saying he played for Clayhanger Villa so that is a possibility.

I was born in Coppice Side Brownhills and later moved to Clayhanger where I lived until I got married in 1971. I know a little about the photos as follows :-

Photo One
My Dad ( Jack Hinks ) is bottom right of the picture.

Photo Two
Top Row :- 2nd left Ron Sault, 3rd left Bertie Willetts and the goalkeeper could be Gerry Toddington. My Dad is far right wearing the raincoat.

I have a few other photos that might be of interest to you.

Jean Houghton

Please, if you remember the team or have anything at all to add, do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Thanks of course to Jean for an excellent contribution.

Football Photo 02

I don’t recognise the background here at all – another possible Clayhanger Villa photo featuring Jack (in the raincoat). Second from left back row Ron Sault, third left Bertie Willets and the goalie might be Gerry Toddington. Image kindly supplied by Jean Houghton.

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24 Responses to Clayhanger Villa: what do you know?

  1. Belinda Tolley says:

    Top picture front row 2nd left is Don Tolley. Would say about 1950 he looks about 21

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Hello Bob

    This has cropped up before – see

    There are various news reports from 1930s to 1950, but they appear to predate the pictures here.


  3. Brian Ansell says:

    Top photo, back left could possibly be Ken Shaw

  4. Andy Dennis says:

    Second pic – To put you out of misery, here is what the Brownhills Gazette said in 1991:
    Back: Trevor Salt, Ron Salt, Bert Willetts, Ernie Allport, Arnold Tarry, Joe Ditchfield, Jack Hinks.
    Front: John Baker, Ernie Myatt, Brian Hardy, Stan Myatt, Henry Atherstone.
    I merely report what was written.

    Bob, my first comment came out a bit wrong; you can’t be expected to remember everything that has appeared on your blog, especially if you were not the author.

    As I understand it Myatt is more or less synonymous with football in these parts.


  5. Does that sort it?

    Like British Rail in the 80s, we’re getting there 😉


  6. Clive says:

    Lovely photo’s Jean, thank you.

  7. Steve cawley says:

    Does Jean remember my mom and dad Trevor and Jane cawley.we lived in coppice side as well till about 1962 I remember then speaking with fondness of your mom and dad.we also moved to clay hanger for a few years till we moved to dad was a labour councillor on budc and also represented Brownhills on staffs county council in about 1968.i have some photos taken in the council house in Brownhills and will try to forward them

    • Jean Houghton says:

      Hello Steve
      Of course I remember your family. We had many happy times together in Coppice Side.
      I have a photo of you and your brother Martin with my Mom.

      • Steve cawley says:

        Hi Jean thanks for replying would love to see the photo if you are able to post it.we lost dad in 2011 and mom in 2014 so still trying to get over it ,takes time I guess but they were wonderful parents with many stories to tell of the old days.IHave some memories of howdles farm and cop pice side but I was only about 3 or 4 I suppose ,can also remember living in clayhanger for a short time opposite howdles butchers

        • Jean Houghton says:

          Hi Steve, I can remember all of those things. We lived next door to each other in Clayhanger for a while. I have one or two pics of you and Martin. I am new to this site so do I post them here or do you have an e-mail address or Facebook page. Let me know. My husband is on Facebook (Alan Houghton) so you could friend me there if you are on.

  8. brian ashford says:

    i was at the clayhanger villa game the team is ken shaw henry arrowsmith billy dixon ken ashford bill stackhouse henry gill diamond tennant doug wyles don tolley clem green jack hinks ken is my brother and stacky my

    • brian stringer says:

      Are you the Brian Ashford who was in my class at the Central?

      • brian ashford says:

        Yes Brian same one I went to quite a few games and remember visiting your house in clayhanger with you along with your old friend walter platt many happy memories of our childhood nice to hear from you and any others from the class of 52 which you put in brownhills gazette you couldnot remember those names either I did give you all the names then but did not know if you received them sadly my brother who you named i.e. Ken sadly passed away a few weeks ago many happy memories of Ken Hinks as he was very friendly towards me at the games and in the dragon. Kind regards ASH. sorry about responce as I have only just seen it i.e. 23rd sept.

    • michael myatt says:

      fantastic to see my late father Stan Myatt also his brother Ernie, Arnold Tarry plus Arthur Baker all together in there footballing days. As i was only a young child when my family moved away from Clayhanger i can only recall the stories i heard regarding there days together. I vaguely remember the Allports being mentioned in a few tales of there Clayhanger days. For those that maybe were not aware the four above all married into each others families but alas unfortunately all are no longer with us, great memories though.

  9. ken mullaney says:

    george e banks played for them latter west brom albion /mansfield town/hereford utd/dudley town/darlaston town /metro fc my late farthering law that i never met but have photos of his mansfield town days thanks

  10. ken mullaney says:

    hi bob would anyone now where i might find the games and results of clayhanger villa f.c as we have some old football medals that george .e banks won ,1 defently his from his hereford utd days in the 50s/would like to know more about clayhanger villa please thanks ken mullaney.great site and good information well done bob.thanks for any help readers

  11. ken mullaney says:

    hi bob.any more information on clayhanger villa,please ,

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