Brace yourselves…

Just a quick note to say that I see the electioneering, chicanery and general backbiting over local politics has been accelerating locally in the last week or so.

If politicians want to be taken seriously and maintain credibility, act like adults, don’t exploit ongoing local concerns for political ends and for heaven’s sake, grow up.

This coming local election looks to be the dirtiest I’ve seen in a long time. This isn’t good for anyone – let alone the ordinary people of our area. I find this very worrying indeed.

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  1. Janet Davies says:

    Not sure what he means

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    • I mean simply that local politics seems to be getting very dirty at the moment, and the people involved should think hard about why they’re in politics and who they serve before resorting to spin and manipulation. Some stuff I’ve been seeing in the last few weeks hasn’t been what I’d describe as either dignified or honourable.

      The mudslinging does nothing but alienate the electorate, and then they’ll complain about poor turnout.


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