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What a wonderful photo – and one of very few of Brownhills Carnival! Thanks to Emma Smith and her Father for sending it in.

Here’s a nice image from the past for a Friday – and I’m hoping a fair few readers will recognise the faces and hopefully have memories of the occasion – the 1954 Brownhills Carnival.

This pleases me particularly because we have so little material from the carnivals. Considering they ran for pretty much 60 years, we only have the odd photo (and of course, the wonderful 1934 carnival film) to show for it.

There must be loads of images lurking in family albums waiting to be rediscovered.

Emma Smith sent me the above image, and this wonderful accompanying note:

Dear Brownhills Bob

My Dad has come across this photo which he thinks may be of some interest to a few Brownhills Folk.

1954 Carnival Float down The Mill.

Particular interest to Mr Harrington who lived at No 10 Mill Road. My dad Roy Smith was born and bread at No 6. He also went to Central School 1959-63, was in Jonny Stackhouse’s year and his brother Maurice was in Mickey’s year.

Left to right – Roy Smith, Jonny Hill, Keith Grice, Dave Roberts, Terry Mincar, Janet Grice, Jean Harris Roger Hill

Front row. Maurice Smith (Roy’s brother), Roy Longworth, Brenda Roberts, Hilda Roberts, Brian Taylor.

Many Thanks

Thanks to Emma for a lovely and generous donation… it really is most kind.

So come on folks, who do you know? What do you remember? Do you have any carnival material you’d like to share?

Comment here, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com – cheers!

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  1. mickysix says:

    Hi Emma, if you pop over to my blog (which you can click thro by clicking on Nymber 8 down the side in stuff Bob follows) I have tried to improve the picture. You should be able to get it bigger without losing to much clarity. I sort of remember some of the names in your letter to Bob, but need more time to put them in focus in my mind.

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