Urgent enquiry: please help find Alan

Come on folks, let's see what we can do... Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Come on folks, let’s see what we can do… Image from Wikimedia Commons.

I have a rather urgent enquiry come in from a lady called Shanna Howden, whose Grandfather David Clarkson recently passed away – Shanna would like to contact David’s best freind, who is believed to live in Brownhills and is known as Max, but his real name is Alan.

Shanna sent the following request for help:

Hello Bob


I need to find a man in Brownhills by this coming Saturday (12th September 2015), he was my grandfather’s best friend and my grandad- David Clarkson – sadly passed away on Saturday and it was his wish to see this man before he died, however we were unable to find him, so we’re trying to find him by Saturday as my grandads funeral is on Monday in Easington (Newcastle way).

I don’t have much information to go on but here is what I know of him

He is in his 70’s

He went by the name Max but his real name is Alan (we don’t know his last name.)

He has an apple tree in his front garden.

He either has a green or red Rover car.

He is married.

He used to work with my grandad on the roads surfacing with a company called Balfour Beatty, we’ve emailed them too.

My grandad says Alan lived by a club which got knocked down, not sure when or wherabouts.

Please please please help.


Shanna Howden

To me, that sounds like it could be near the Friezland Lane club or Salters Road, Walsall Wood – but I’m open to suggestions.

I have Shanna’s contact details so if you mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, I’ll pass any information on. Please be sensitive in comments – thank you.

Cheers to all for help and shares.

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3 Responses to Urgent enquiry: please help find Alan

  1. Clive says:

    Maybe its by the Middleton club, that was!

  2. Julie roden says:

    They knocked a club down called Middleton club on the Lichfield road in Brownhills if that helps

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