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Our poo bin is missing! Image from 2WingedMaidenUK and posted on twitter.

A couple of days ago, I featured here the curious case of the missing dog poo bin just behind Chandlers Keep near the canal in Brownhills – local dog walkers were unhappy at the disappearance of the well used disposal point.

Following the contact by @WingedMaidenUK on the Twitter I posted here and made enquiries. A quick investigation showed the bin had been apparently professionally removed, and contact with Walsall Council confirmed this.

Walsall Clean and Green got back to me yesterday (Friday 1st May 2015) with a one-line, somewhat terse response on twitter:

The story I’ve been able to ascertain through other channels is apparently that there were complains of kids throwing poo bags by residents of Chandlers Keep, which indeed, would be very unpleasant.

I attempted to engage with Clean & Green and suggested the bin be moved, say to the grass by Anchor Bridge where it would be better placed anyway for walkers travelling in both directions. So far, they haven’t answered.

I find Walsall Council’s apparent lack of willingness to engage owith the public on this matter disappointing.

As of Saturday, a pile of bags is building up where the bin was, so the removal has made matters worse, not better, and I received a comment from Matthew Godridge, a Chandlers Keep resident, who said:

Well as one of the residents I can say none of us have complained on Chandlers Keep  I for one wish more dog owners actually use it!

This situation is clearly unsatisfactory all round and I’d welcome engagement from Walsall Council to move the bin to a better location to suit all concerned.

It’s all a bit shit, really…

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21 Responses to Out of ordure

  1. peter says:

    Well Bob obviously the answer will be moor bags of poo hung in trees, just like in the rest of the borough. Surprised the bin lasted as long as it did really as the tolerance of tree hanging poo may not be a published policy of Walsall but it certainly seems there idea of a solution. Probably merely to save the cost of emptying

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    this is all a bit odd. In this week’s local press Cllr Ian Robertson, Cabinet Member for Public Health Walsall MBC has a letter regarding pet ownners’ responisibility to” clean up mess”.. and which should then ” be placed into litter bins” …”as we try and encourage everone to walk more and use our parks…try to make sure that it is not marred by an unpleasant under foot experience”.Perhaps he can have a word or three with the Clean and Green Serivce spokesperson who seems to already have ” put a put in it.” Put the bin back…somewhere along the path ..as Bob suggests.
    Kind regards

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    new specs on order..should read put a foot in it etc. “it” is self-explanatory .

  4. Neil says:

    Hello Bob. I am the resident in chandlers keep who contacted the council to remove the now infamous poo bin, and I can confirm that I requested this after four attacks of dog waste on my property over a seven month period. Let me tell you it isn’t pleasant clearing up after someone else’s dog when the dog poo bags split open onto my fence, my car, my garden (both front and back) and my garage along with the Tarmac on the close itself, which people walk on and into their homes, and where I might add children also play.

    I haven’t seen another poo bin and the council actually state that they don’t actually install new ones in order to promote owners actually taking their dogs waste home with them, which they should in my opinion.

    Let’s be frank, this dog mess has nothing to do with me or my property and therefore I do not think I should be cleaning it from anywhere that belongs to me and if I did own a dog I would prefer to know I’d taken it home rather than be used in a disgusting act it has been over a period of months.

    Maybe the dog owners would like to have the bin re-installed and all the users can provide me a rota to come and clean the mess from my house when the poo bags split all over our properties. I would suggest the phones would ring out unanswered when I called them. As for them leaving bags of dog mess where a bin once belonged shows me that these are not responsible dog owers at all. They should take their mess home and let them put it in their own bin, which the council actually now promotes. It’s really not that difficult is it???

    Kind regards,


  5. barbara cassidy says:

    Hi Bob/David, This could be my last hurrah as one of the B Hills ward councillors. Having just spent time this very week asking for more bins to be placed around commons and canals in our town I’m disappointed to see this. I will do my best before Thursday dawns to get a good outcome for us. I can feel my “power” slipping away though…………………………………….

    All the best


    • Hi Barbara

      Thanks very much for this. I’m sure something better can be done.
      Cheers for your help, and best wishes for the future. You will be missed.

      Best wishes

      • Neil marshall says:


        I think what you are suggesting as a ‘Councillor’ is an abuse of power. Furthermore, there should be an emphasis on dog owners being more responsible for taking their animals waste home with them, and more than that parents controlling their children who seem to think it’s funny to throw dog excrement at other people’s property.

        How would you like to have the mess throw at your house barbera? Would you be so supportive of the bins then?

        The bottom line is the council no longer install these bins as they clearly have no man power to empty them, hence why the bags are there to be thrown in the first place.

        Let me make this clear, I am not anti-dog. My first comment was to have the bin moved from chandlers keep and along the canal far away from residential houses so the attraction of carrying it to be thrown is removed. I also suggested a ‘one way’ bin where bags could be inserted but not removed. The decision was clearly undertaken that as this behaviour was so utterly disgusting they have decided to remove the bin and to try and have the owners be responsible for their own animals waste and to take it home.

        I’m not sure what the problem is with that to be honest. Needless to say, the people who moan would not like to be in the position I have been in cleaning up this mess and I see little in anybody’s argument in this thread to change my mind.

        So, as far as I see, if the bin isn’t there it seems clear to me that you take dog mess home with you. Or, don’t have a dog, or don’t walk it on the canal. I have had dogs in the past and walked them every day in Sutton park and believe it or not they don’t have any bins either and the owners are happy enough to take the mess of THEIR pets home with them.

        I struggle to see where anyone could argue with me on this when it a home being targeted rather than having a problem with a dog mess bin.

        • We’ll have less of the ‘abuse of power’ accusations when an elected representative is offering to help.

          I suggest you retract what is a very serious allegation.


          • Neil marshall says:

            Is barbera offering to help or pull strings bob? If it’s the latter it’s an abuse of power. If it’s the former and barbera seeks to find a reasonable and suitable solution for everyone and not just dog owners but to also have some consideration for the residents of chandlers keep who live there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and not just pass theough for five minutes to walk their dog or to throw poo bags then I will, of course support her fully. If you don’t both sides of argument don’t start it in the first place especially when the people causing the argument do not live in the very place where the issue is and have not had their property covered in other peoples dogs mess.

            • No, Clearly she’s offering to try and help constituents concerned about loss of a facility.

              You are not the only person in your community. A councillor is there to represent all; your slight on her for having the temerity to express a view not concomitant with your own is notable.

              Another resident in Chandlers Keep has clearly expressed the desire to keep some kind of facility. Clearly you are expressing a view on your own behalf and not the entire community.

              I will put up for discussion here any reasonable issue the community raises, with or without your assent.

              I expect community representatives who come here attempting to resolve issues to be treated with respect. Your co-operation in this is appreciated.


              • Neil marshall says:


                I would happily have a residents meeting with you and barbera and anyone else of a reasonable mind to get to a solution for all, however, when your property has been targeted by youths who have no respect for another’s property then clearly action needed to be taken. As the youths could not be identified who are causing anti-social behaviour along with criminal damage of which they could be arrested the decision was taken, not be me but the council to remove the waste bin due to the serious nature of the offence being caused along with that of health and safely of all. Clearly there has been no further incidents since the removal of the bin which can only be a good thing.

                I would suggest that if you, barbera or anyone else came home to find there house and cars covered in dog poo you all would be promoting the removal of the bin rather than keeping it. The bottom line is it’s easy to moan when the issue doesn’t it hasn’t affected you. Anybody walking their dog should be responsible enough to remove their dog mess and to respect the fact other people walk along the canal without animals and hey do not want to see or smell the dog waste bin that was never emptied.

                I am all for a resposible argument or discussion but at the moment there isn’t one. The easy solution is to put dog waste bins along the canal and far away from residential areas rather than continue this argument with people who are not affected by the mess.

  6. Neil, at the moment, the words you’ve written on this currently outnumber mine by about 4-1.

    We get your issue. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t understand it.

    I have suggested moving the bin to a better spot. I think some resolution can probably be reached. The only person who’s not supportive of this appears to be yourself.

    As far as I can see it there are a number of solutions, and I know Barbara to be an excellent, community minded Councillor who will do her best to find a solution acceptable to all, despite your accusation to the contrary.

    You have had your say. I suggest we leave it there.


    • Neil marshall says:

      I will leave it there when I know what’s going to happen, and as this bin affects me in a detrimental manner due to a serious risk of disease rather than anyone else who is debating this thread then I would suggest my view is the most relevant.

      I will observe this blog whilst there is an ongoing issue. I agree there are sensible alternatives but it seems to me the argument for a waste bin is lacklustre and one that supports lazy dog owners.

      If Walsall council or any other council supports dog mess bins there would be one on every street corner and clearly this is not the case.

  7. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    Ive been rather busy elsewhere this afternoon. However, to remove the dog bin does not seem to have removed the dog mess.,.so..put the bin back perhaps somewhere away from Neil’s house and property. but along the towpath and let’s see how things fare. If the problem is resolved, as i hope it will be, perhaps Neil will have the good grace to thank Councillor Barbara Cassidy.

    kind regards

  8. Susan says:

    As a resident of Chandlers Keep for many years I wholeheartedly support the removal of the dog waste bin located at the pedestrian entrance to the canal towpath and on the communal fence to the residential area of Chandlers Keep.

    I maintained the communal areas where the bin was located for several years whilst a resident in the apartments there and found that no only was the bin very rarely emptied, but that dog owners also failed to use the facility properly, often leaving filled waste bags a few feet from the bin, probably due to the rancid smell emanating from within. Also even whilst the bin was present, a good proportion of dog owners failed to use the facility at all and still allowed their pets to fowl in the locality, just six feet away from where the bin was located. I know this as I had to use a shovel to collect it all before mowing the grass either side of the towpath.

    I think the answer here is this, if you decide to own a dog, and decide to walk this dog in public areas, then take the responsibility to clear up after your dog and then take a few further steps with that dog waste and dispose of it appropriately at your own property.

    I would be very grateful if Councillor Barbara would take this view on board.



  9. barbara cassidy says:

    Blimey! And here’s me thinking after a mere 11 years as a councillor I’d learned how to work in a way that tries to consider problems “in the round” so that they benefit as many folks as possible. To the gentleman who can’t spell my name I say this: I had already noted from the comments made that there was an issue in terms of the placement of the bin so would have discussed a move to a more appropriate place and, no, I would not like dog mess or indeed any other type of mess thrown at my house or my car – who in their right mind would? As to an abuse of power – that’s a new one. A councillor is supposed to help with matters which arise in their local area – now, I grant you there are plenty who don’t but I am not one of those so, as I was already meeting officers from clean and green about bins in other areas I thought I would bring up the matter of this one too. Incidentally, its not in the Brownhills ward (just) so I’ll help the Walsall Wood cllrs out. I will not comment again until I have something useful to tell everyone.

    • Neil marshall says:

      Barbara, firstly apologies for not spelling your name correctly. I have rectified this. Furthermore, I note a meeting is to be arranged with clean and green. I think for a well balanced viewpoint maybe I should attend that meeting at a time that suits all of us?

      I get the feeling there are far more people asking for a bin than not, clearly as the residential issues do not affect them and that they are too lazy to take their pets mess home with them, which notably the council now promotes rather than install dog mess bins. Again, I would ask how many of these bins to you see in streets or parks? I haven’t seen another so what makes the canal so special?

      As I have previously stated the advice I was given was that these bins are no longer installed and therefore unless the bin that was removed is still lying around somewhere (which I seriously doubt given the state of it), I would suggest it would take a serious effort on your part to get one placed elsewhere. I think dog owners need to accept this one. The cleanest way forward is to take your dogs mess home with you and to leave the residents of chandlers keep alone and free from hazardous, filthy excrement that has nothing to do with any of them.

    • Thanks, Barbara – your efforts are appreciated for exactly what they are – an attempt to find resolution that keeps everyone happy. It is appreciated by the vast majority of townsfolk and always has been.

      Best wishes for the future – and with this issue.


  10. No further comments will be accepted on this topic until there’s something new to say. It’s Bank Holiday Monday and I really can’t be doing with reading war and peace every half and hour.

    Get out and enjoy the sunshine.

    Cheers for the contributions everyone.

  11. I repeat, no further comment will be accepted.


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