Heart Bypass: Jonathan Meades in Birmingham


You really can raise unholy hell by suggesting some stuff built after the war wasn’t totally evil.

Hi folks – here’s something I found last night that I’d forgotten about, that ties in with my fascination for Birmingham and architecture – and also, my obsession with well-crafted  language.

I’m also a huge Jonathan Meades fan.

Last month, I posted a piece on Birmingham, transition and architecture, and how we shouldn’t necessarily hate on change, because that’s how we progress and it’s what Birmingham does best – and also, while most architecture of any period fails, we’re generally left with the best of what was around as time passes.

That piece raised a few eyebrows and led to some – er, interesting – email. Here’s a three part program that echoes almost everything I think about Birmingham by journalist and writer Jonathan Meades.

I know this will grate on many, but I love the off-kilter approach, quirkiness and humour. Stick with it, there are some gorgeous observations – it’s dated a bit from 1998 but it’s still excellent in my opinion.

Please do comment here, or if you prefer, send the usual ‘modern architecture is all rubbish’ hate mail to Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com.

I remain unrepentant: I love Birmingham, and don’t think everything created postwar is crap. There’s good and bad in everything.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Thanks Bob, I had not seen these before.

    A couple of views of the Forward Statue in 1991, before it was destroyed by fire in April 2003



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