Snow blind


The snow cleared as quickly as it arrived. I wish it would settle in and give us a good covering for a few days.

Here’s a quick ride cam for the people out there who enjoy them – I know Trevor in Aus will like this one, as where he is, they don’t get much snow.

On my way home last night, as I cycled through Walsall and back to Brownhills, I was caught in a sharp, intense snow shower. It was fun, and made for an interesting, challenging ride. I had lots of layers, snow tyres and good lights.

Join with me as I push homewards through very difficult conditions. Filmed at normal speed, the soundtrack is the utterly sublime ‘Hocussing for Beginners’ by the wonderful Hauntology/electronica project The Advisory Circle.

For the best video quality, click on the little gear symbol in the bottom right of the video box and click the highest number that will play on your computer. Resolutions up to 1080HD high definition are available.

More stuff like this as ever, on my 365daysofbiking journal.

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4 Responses to Snow blind

  1. Sue Hayes says:

    That was delightful. I would have been terrified if it had been me doing the cycling!

  2. Trev says:

    Thanks Bob that was wonderful, I would have never dreampt of video in those conditions, the last part in the dark was magic,

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  4. Ann Cross says:

    Scarily magical!

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