Lose, and you’re in the drink!

Red Lion tug of war team

A fantastic period photo of a tug of war team outside the Red Lion (now the Boatmans Rest) in Walsall Wood High Street. 1970s, I reckon, from judging by the hair. Image kgenerously supplied Linda Robottom via Godfrey ‘Oakparkrunner’ Hucker.

Here’s a rather wonderful, quick photo to get the grey matter going amongst the readership – yesterday, fellow local blogger Godfrey ‘Oakparkrunner’ Hucker sent me the above excellent photo, sourced from Linda Robottom, of a Walsall Wood tug of war team.

He had this to say:

Hello Bob

This photo is of the Red Lion Walsall Wood, tug of war team.

I am not sure of the year possibly the 1960’s or 1970’s. They used to pull across the canal with the losers getting wet, and the Lion were unbeatable.

The photo was emailed to me by Linda Robottom, daughter of David and Lucy Ray, who kept the Red Lion for many years.

Kind regards
Godfrey (oakparkrunner)

There seems to be an existing history of tug of war in Walsall Wood as we discovered a couple of years ago following an oddly wonderful enquiry by reader Peter

You know what I’m going to ask – Who? When? Matches? Who were the opponents? Any memories? They look like an ace bunch of lads.

Please comment here or mail me -BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Thanks to Godfrey and Linda for a lovely bit of ephemera.

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11 Responses to Lose, and you’re in the drink!

  1. mrdoops says:

    One of them looks like barmy Baz

  2. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Several of those lads look like ex Collins Express/United Carriers workers
    Cant put the names right now, but will work on it.

  3. Trevor says:

    Hi from Aus, bloke nealing down bottom left is Trevor Burgess used to drive a semi for Wernicks
    Cheers Hovis

  4. Clive says:

    Great photo. Big thank you to all involved.

  5. oakparkrunner says:

    I believe from memory that the one on the back row, 3rd from left wearing the red lion name, may be Graham Wilkinson who owned Gordon’s Removals.

  6. G Nuttall says:

    Second from left on back row looks like Peter Taylors left hand man from Taylors Transport at Sunnyside Farm opposite the fire station in the 80s. A lovely man but I cant remember his name. He lived in Clifton Ave off Pelsall Rd opposite the bridge. Sorry about the name but with this other information someone must be able to identify him and come up with his name.
    A Hiller

  7. Roy says:

    Standing left to right.
    Joey Butler, Dennis Devine, Graham Wilkinson, Tony Salt, Tony Birch, Cliff Perry
    Trevor Burgess,

  8. hi the names are correct the front was myself trevor on my knee is derek hufton tony birch (captain) in the doorway is joe.s brother outside the Queens pub in Pelsall there team are inside getting dry after there dip in the cut at York bridge norton road the lions won 2 to one pulls

  9. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Trevor Burgess and Cliff Perry were at United Carriers and possibly the chap standing next to Cliff
    Dave (Eddy)

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