Howdles Lane convenience store saved!


Saved – that’s a relief. The Tamworth Co-op store off Howdles lane, Brownhills, is now a McColl’s. Use it or lose it! Image kindly supplied by Andy Dennis.

Back at the beginning of October, I had a somewhat concerning enquiry from reader Dave about the Co-operative convenience store in the small precinct just off the A5 in Brownhills by Howdles Lane – reports were that the Co-op were closing it and the future for the store was uncertain.

I’ve not had any further concrete news on that since the story ran, as Tamworth Co-op, the people who operate the store, not only failed to answer the five emails I sent on the matter, but didn’t even acknowledge them. I find that lack of community engagement sad, regrettable and pisspoor, to be honest.

Top reader and contributor Andy Dennis has been keeping an eye on the situation though, and the store is saved – it’s now a McColls, and seems to be operating with the same staff.

Andy wrote:

Hello Bob

Here is a picture of the new frontage to what used to be Coop, Howdles Lane.

As you can see, it’s now McColl’s. They were still refitting and stocking, but open. As I understand it the staff have retained their jobs.


McColls are a large retain chain with a fair history of running this kind of store – I wish them well in their new venture, and I’m glad such a vital local amenity has been retained for a community that otherwise would be really quite isolated. I know the old folks particularly rely on that shop.

Thanks to Andy for monitoring the situation, and for all the hard work he does for the blog.

If anyone has anything to add, please do comment or mail me if you’d rather: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Untitled 9

The parade of shops up on Watling Street supports the local community. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

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  1. Stuart Lancaster says:

    Just wondering if anyone had any photos of the old railway line that ran between the quarry on Whitehorse road,as I lived down the track in a caravan in the 70’s

  2. oakparkrunner says:

    I believe that the line you mention is the one which linked the Cannock Chase Coalfields from Chasewater area to the LMS Railway marshalling yard at Newrown. My blog oakparkrunner has a page entitled chasewater railway which covers the line past & present. The section at the end of the page covers this section and has a couple of old photo’s of when it was working. Also there may be some photo’s in Chasewater Railway museum. I hope this helps Godfrey oakparkruner.

  3. oakparkrunner says:

    Sorry should read Newtown Bridge (later was Charrington’s oil terminal until 2000) Not Newrown

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