A welcome miscellany – which of these do you remember?

Facebook is really throwing up some gems at the moment – keen reader Maria Fitzgerald has sent me a bunch of varied images she’s found out of her family collection which I think will inspire debate and memories from readers – these are hot on the heels of the one she sent last week, that provoked so much discussion.

I’m particularly excited about the Crabtree image and the one of the old folks behind the Memo, and I’d love more info about these events.

Thanks to Maria for taking the time and effort to send these images in – much appreciated.

Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


This is fascinating, and doesn’t look that old. Can anyone name the event or the old folks pictured? A wonderful image from Maria Fitzgerald.

Maria said:

This is the odd one – a posh day out at the memo back in ?

[Bob’s note: This isn’t the Brownhills Memo, as Russell Turner points out in the comments. Any idea where it is? It does seem familiar – Cheers]

All I know is that my nan is in the front row at the end on the left looking at the photo.

I have no info on it at all.


May Day at Ogley Infants – thanks to Maria Fitzgerald for the image.


We’ve mentioned the St. Johns Ambulance group before – I believe the Brownhills group met in a room behind the Holland Park Bandstand. What do you remember? Image very kindly supplied by Maria Fitzgerald.

Maria said:

Hi Bob,

I came across this – I wonder if there any info still about on the St John first aid course back in 1952, it was stuck on the back of a old card.


Crabtree was a huge part of Brownhills life and economy for years, yet we have so little record of it. Can you help? A great image from Maria Fitzgerald.

Maria said:

This photo was taken at Crabtrees christmas party 1974 – that was the good times there.


More of the May Day clebrations at Ogley Infants – thanks to Maria Fitzgerald for the image.

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9 Responses to A welcome miscellany – which of these do you remember?

  1. Sue Woodward says:

    Lovely to see these. I was Ogley Hay’s May Queen back in the day. 🙂 (1963, I think. Preceded by Ann Ashmore and followed bt Annette Wheale.)

  2. John Anslow says:

    Old folk at the Memo: are those Salvation Army uniforms the two ladies on the back row are wearing?

  3. Russell Turner says:

    Hi bob, my other half karen Turner (nee Dunn) knows the memo well as her parents Yvonne & Fred dunn ran the dances there. The picture is not the memo bob if that is any use to you.
    Good site though.

  4. Clive says:

    The photo of the crabtree party, it looks like a fabricated building, as the panels on the back ground wall are the same on both sides, also there`s no ceilng. Maybe of help!

  5. Pedro says:

    Big shot in the dark…

    Taking John’s observation of the Salvation Army uniforms in the back row I would say it could be the…British Women’s Temperance Union (Watling Street Branch) 1932 held at the Wesley Schoolroom.

    And the winner of next year’s National…

  6. David Evans says:

    Hi Pedro
    I don’t think the Watling Street Wesley school roomwas two storey…..its plans are somewhere here on the blog…what did Walsall Crabtree factory building look like?

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