Craft and Farmers Market at Chasewater this Sunday

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Why not print a few out and hand them to your friends?

Just a quick heads up that this Sunday (1st June 2014)  sees the second regular Craft and Farmers Markets staged at Chasewater – the first was well attended and garnered a positive reaction. It’s certainly worth a visit.

The event is being staged by a company called Bohemian Bunty, and will take place on the first Sunday of every month, the next being Sunday, 10:00am until 3:00pm near the Innovation Centre.

You can visit the event Facebook Page here.

Bohemian Bunty had this to say:

New For 2014: Craft And Farmers Market

We have been very fortunate to host this new event at Chasewater Activity Park. We will have local craft and produce traders bringing you the best local and fresh produce, from bakers to honey makers, fresh meat produce, vegan and vegetarian suppliers, cheese makers, florists, holistic produce and artisans of handmade craft bizarre.

For traders wishing to trade Please feel free to contact us. All you need is your own gazebo (no bigger than 12 x 12 ft) and the relevant insurances.

We’ve got: Artisan bakers; crafters and makers;
Teas, herbs and spices; pies, cakes and slices;
A spectacular display of our birds of prey,
Will keep kiddies entertained all through the day.There’ll be: Cold meats and cheeses; cupcakes and sweeties;
Bath bombs and soap bars; fine preserves and pickle jars;
Fresh local produce from near-by farm shops,
Showcasing flowers and seasonal crops.Also: Housewares; soft furnishings; gifts, treats
and handmade things;
Hats and accessories; all general groceries;
Beers, ciders, wines from local vineyards;
Art, illustration; hand-made greetings cards.So, come and peruse; shop if you choose,
Support local business from May until Christmas,
There’ll be plenty of stalls selling their wares,
At our farmers market and handmade craft fair.

For more information and stall bookings please email

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Looking forward to it!

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