Now that’s good service…


Only the scorchmark on the equipment, and the sand on the surface give any clue.

On Monday, reader and friend of the blog Rose Maria Burnell pointed out that the play equipment area in Holland Park, Brownhills was out of use following fire damage due to vandalism.

Passing by this evening, I took a look – and to my surprise, the surface has been fixed and the playground is back in use. Well done to the rangers, technicians and all involved – that really is a quick solution.

Thanks to the Council and to the Greenspaces team.

The fix is excellent – but in order to prevent the vandalism happening again, it would be useful to catch the culprits. If you have any information,  saw anyone light a fire or know who the idiots that did this are, please do contact local police on 101, or drop me a line and I’ll pass the information on. BrownhilsBob at googlemail dot com.


Nice job – well done!

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  1. peter says:

    Hya…….. I don’t enjoy “moaning ” about the Council on occasions as I do but they also deserve praise where praise is due and on this one they must have acted within only a couple of working hours to at least perform a temporary fix on the area and make it useable again for the local children. Who knows who did it, probably older teenagers, the same teenagers who only a few years ago would have been tugging at mum and dads sleeves to take them down to the park, it’s such a shame that someone feels that the only highlight in an otherwise boring life is to set fire to a kids play park, this is all supposition of course but if it’s anywhere near being right then sorry but mum and dad have a lot to answer for!

    mind how you go……………


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