The Tat Man cometh


Clearly a great piece of theatre. Image by Stuart Williams. Click on it to read his review.

I know it’s short notice, but there’s a great show going on this afternoon at 2pm in the museum at Lichfield Street in Walsall. ‘The Life and Times of the Tat Man’ is a continuation of the great shows created by Dave Calcutt, Glen Buglass and the team working on the history around the Bayards Colts.

They previously made a great impression on me at last year’s night market in Walsall and their Christmas Show was highly praised – and sold out.

Glen Wrote:

Hi Bob

I€’d be grateful if you could give The Life and Times of the Tat Man€™ by David Calcutt a mention on your blog tomorrow.

The play is turning into a bit of a €˜thing. Have a read of Stuart William’€™s review of the play.

We reduced the redoubtable Stu to tears! So far we have had two full houses. I believe we have created an important piece of theatre whose effect on the audience is as much about what it means to come from round here as the effect of the drama on people’s emotions.

The next show is on Saturday afternoon 3rd May, 2pm in the Museum, Lichfield Street, Walsall.

Birmingham Festival have booked it, so have Ludlow Fringe and Black Country Touring have put it onto their Autumn offerings. It would be great if you could come and review it.

Glen Buglass

Sorry, Glen, I’m at work tomorrow, but hope to catch a performance soon. What you’re doing is tremendous, and is also very important.

Please do get along and see it if you can…

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  2. buglassg says:

    Hi Bob. Thanks for the mention. We had a good show yesterday. This is a continuation of the Bayards Colts work, but it is not the knock about style we created for the street theatre work. This is an intimate, challenging and emotional piece of theatre. You need to come and see it. I think you will be charmed by the new theatre we have created on the third floor of the museum and once you’ve seen the show you will know where we are going. Let me know if you want to come. Next one is May 17th. Glen

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