When an old cricketer leaves the crease


A terrific photo of Julie Le-Moine’s grandad Walter Hollender in his finest cricket whites. But where’s the pitch? Image kindly supplied by Julie Le-Moine.

Following the remarkable and fascinating response to Julie Le-Moine’s enquiry last weekend about a mystery cricket team photo from Walsall Wood, Julie has been good enough to send me another image – this time, it’s her Grandfather Walter Hollender.

Julie asked:

Hell0 Bob!

I found this photo today – Grandad in his cricket whites. It’s become a bit faded over the years I’m afraid.

Maybe someone can identify where he is playing… I think it’s behind St. Johns Church in Walsall Wood?


I’ve done my best to improve the quality of the image. Does it jog any memories?


Last week, I featured this image from Julie Le-Moine and it caused quite a stir. Click for a larger version. Image kindly supplied by Julie Le-Moine.

While we’re about it, Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler found these two newspaper repots relating to cricket in Walsall Wood:

photo 2

Lichfield Mercury, Friday 13th August 1933. Click for a larger version.


Lichfield Mercury, Friday 12th July 1935. Click for a larger version.

Oh, and before some wag asks, and since I’ve already done Pearl & Dean today, Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs. You’re very welcome. I believe the batsman is Holding, the bowler’s Willey.

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11 Responses to When an old cricketer leaves the crease

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder if the ground is Aldridge, with Hobs Hole lane in the background? and a big thanks to Pedro for his research…

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    There are some familiar names here. I notice Hollender on both sides – the bowler’s Hollender the batsman’s Hollender.

    There was an Edwin Thomas Taylor (1899-1967), son of William J Taylor, the master bricklayer of Stonnall, featured earlier on the blog – http://brownhillsbob.com/2012/02/26/laying-a-sound-foundation/. Hard to imagine more than one E T Taylor.

  3. Pedro says:

    The Walsall Wood Wesleyans of August 1933, I wonder if they employed Bodyline!?

    Bodyline, also known as fast leg theory bowling, was a cricketing tactic devised by the English cricket team for their 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia, specifically to combat the extraordinary batting skill of Australia’s Don Bradman


    And talking of Bradman, and Black Country cricketers…

    Eric Hollies’ place in cricket history largely rests on the ball he bowled on the 14th of August, 1948 – a googly that pitched on off, hit middle, and dismissed Don Bradman (probably the greatest ever batsman) for a duck (zero runs) in his final Test innings. Bradman only needed to score 4 runs to take his average to 100 runs per game.

  4. Pedro says:

    What cricketer played a few test matches for England 1932-34, and for India in 1946?

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I was interested to note the dates on the press reports that Pedro had kindly found.. The two separate parts of Methodism, the Weseleyans and the Primitives, joined to form the present-day Methodist Church in 1932. This (1933) match may well have been one of the last that the Walsall Wood Wesleyan Cricket team played before becoming the Walsall Wood Cricket Club, They still faced the mighty Lynn Cricketers, of course!
    GIven the Hollander name.. and the Wesleyan connection, I wonder how many of the team were workers in the brickyards at that time.

    • julielem2002 says:

      a truly interesting read gentlemen!….and yes David…Grandad worked at the brickyard driving the lorries….I also seem to remember that my Mum used to go to the Methodist church and was confirmed there…I don’t know which one though..would have been late 40’s early 50’s….

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