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Brian and his volunteers used to regularly clear up mess like this on Clayhanger Common. Thankfully, I don’t think we it it quite this bad these days…

Here’s an important appeal from local activist and Local Committee stalwart Brian Stringer. Brian does a huge amount for Brownhills, from promoting the Staffordshire Hoard to working on the Canal Festival. In between all this he finds time to be a top local author, too.

I know Brian did the litterpick here for years, and he and the crew did a great job – I was always sad it was necessary, but it’s a lovely, community spirited thing and I think all of us appreciate the work done.

If you can help, either comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, or call Brian directly on the number below.

Brian wrote:

Hi Bob

As you are probably aware 12 years ago I formed a group dedicated to clearing up litter from grot spots Street Pride didn’t do.

Then about 3 years ago they installed Shaun into our area and he was a revelation. He practically cleared all the grot spots single handedly, so much so our committee bought him Christmas presents and gradually discontinued our efforts.

Last year however the powers that be down at the depot in Pelsall Road decided to move him to Bloxwich. We complained, badgered, threatened and pleaded, but to no avail. Since he’s gone litter has built up in all the usual places so at last night’s  Brownhills Local Committee meeting I decided to reform our group to operate regular Sunday mornings picks.

We have lost some of our volunteers and could do with a few more coming forward so would you mind putting out an appeal.

The picks will be from 10am to 11-30 on Sundays mornings, and depending on our numbers volunteers would probably be needed no more than once a month and probably a lot less. Bags and pick sticks are provided and council workers take full bags from designated spot on Mondays. Any one who would like to help can leave a message on 01543 361144 and we will get back to you.

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  1. wozelbeak says:

    i go on a lot of digs on Sunday’s, but if i am not on a dig i will gladly come along and help. A truely wothy cause to be involved in.
    Do you post times and places anywhere i.e Facebook?


    • Thanks for the offer mate. Since the appeal a new operative has been employed by the council and is doing an excellent job for us. I’ve been to two of our regular grot spots to find them very tidy indeed. We did one pick a couple of weeks ago and may have one lined up for April 6th so if you give me your Tel No. or Email I can let you know.

  2. JeepBoy says:

    The unsung hero of this is Malcolm Wright – he and his dog are out on The Spot every morning [rain or shine] collecting litter without him the problem would be a lot worse than it is – most of the problem is underage drinkers disposing of the cans/bottles – perhaps some pro-active policing might help – though the last time [and the only one] I saw police on the common at night, they advised me that I might want to leave as it could be unsafe to be on there after dark !!

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