Can you help The Clayhanger Kid?

Lovely tank top there, kidda!

I received a message today from friend of the blog and top local campaigner Brian Stringer, author of the best-selling (and now sold out) book The Clayhanger Kid. Brian is in a bit of a pickle – he’s still got people asking for copies of his first book, but sadly, he has none left.

This is obviously causing some frustration!

Remember, Brian and Dave Moore are working hard to make an audio copy of The Clayhanger Kid for the talking book service, and Brian went out on a limb to get the Cinefilm Club footage up here a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see if we can help him.

Brian wrote:

Hi Bob,

Just a quickie.

People are still getting in touch, desperate for a copy of my first book.

I’ve explained the situation (that there are none left) but got to thinking, that if any of your blog readers have an unsigned copy that they no longer want I can find a good home for it, and be willing to pay.

Be obliged if you could put a little appeal out.

Cheers mate,

If you have a copy you no longer need and would like to get back to Brian, please comment here or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, and I’ll hook you up.

Cheers, everyone.

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  1. David Clayton says:

    The school in the film was Mob lane Shelfield, I went there when it opened brand new, it was my 2nd year at school so it would be 1961-62 when it opened, I spent my first year of secondary school at the Rushall chapel in station road an annex to Shelfield school. I spent 3 years at mob lane I left August 1964.

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