Why not pop in to Brownhills Christmas Tree Festival?



As part of the usual Brownhills Christmas celebrations, this fantastic display (which opened last night, sorry) is open today from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Brownhills Christmas Tree Festival
Brownhills Methodist Church, Silver Street, Brownhills.

Trees will be available to view and a festive Mini-Market will be held on Saturday from 9:00am-1:30pm.

All welcome, free entry.

The trees will be on display throughout the festive period.

Please, if any roving reporter fancies popping along and taking a few pictures which I can use on the blog, it would be most welcome.

Thanks to Jayne Howarth for the details – for some reason Vicky seemed to forget to contact me again this year. Can’t think why…

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3 Responses to Why not pop in to Brownhills Christmas Tree Festival?

  1. Edwina says:

    That’s good … when we haven’t even got a Christmas tree, just a very very poor excuse of a light display. Austere times I know, but its Christmas Mr. Council man, a couple of weeks a year when hopefully man’s inhumanity to man ceases its hold for a very short time…. The miserable devils won’t even give us a decent tree with a few lights…Take a look a Pelsall and Chasetown and see the spirit of Christmas there … Or is it just something about Brownhills and its people and lack of friendliness that sets us apart???

    • Peter says:

      Well said Edwina………. Let’s face it not a lot of money needs to be spent to cheer up the High Street really!! I could go to any of the Pound Shops in Brownhills (there’s plenty to choose from) and spend a pound on decorations and cheer the place up. I’ve just remembered the Tag Line of this blog……………. “Life in the Northern wastes of Walsall”
      Never mind the Mayors got a new car………..
      Mind how you go……


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