The Woodmen lose to Westfields


The sun set over Walsall Wood to some disappointment – the home team lost 2-0. Image by David Evans.

Following yesterday’s home match, where Walsall Wood FC faced Westfields FC at Oak Park, the Young David Evans submitted the following report:

Walsall Wood versus Westfields, Saturday 5th October 2013

Baker Joiner Midland Football Alliance

Westfield 2   Walsall Wood 0

The dark, rain-filled clouds and grey, soulless sky were perhaps an omen. We attended Oak Park and witnessed a football match played with a larger measure of the dogged determination than individual flair by the Wood, whose opponents seemed to  be adept in taking advantage of most things seen and unseen.

This eventually  brought an official word  from the referee, who was ably assisted by experienced linesmen in what became a difficult and disjointed game. Even the Away Bench needed to be ‘spoken to’ at one point by one of the Men in Black.

Whether this was a deliberate tactic, a veiled attempt to put pressure on the officials, or just exuberance is surely a matter of conjecture.

Westfield scored twice, and both were well deserved goals achieved through accurate passing, good off-the ball running, and it has to be said, a certain measure of sailing close to the wind at times. Walsall Wood, incredulously, missed two open goals, to the chagrin of team mates who had succeeded in breaking through the occasionally flailing legs and arms of their opponents to present the ideal scoring  chances.

The second half brought yellow cards for dissent and unacceptable tactics by the visiting team, which continued slightly abated.  This behaviour culminated in the Westfields goalkeeper tackling a Walsall Wood breakaway attacking player with the finesse and dexterity one would normally only expect from a bulldozer.  The goalkeeper was allowed to stay on to defend the penalty, which Walsall Wood subsequently missed.

The supportive team spirit will overcome the disappointment   of today and surely spur Walsall Wood on, and the experience gained today in this first encounter with the team from Hereford will help to refine and perfect their skills and match tactics in  future games.

Sad that the Woodmen couldn’t pull it out of the bag, but that’s football for you. Thanks to David for the report.

Next fixture is against Alvechurch, again at Oak Park, next Saturday, 12th October 2013. Kickoff 3pm.

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3 Responses to The Woodmen lose to Westfields

  1. Trevor says:

    You Missed your call Young David very eloquent reporting.
    Cheers all Trev.

  2. David Oakley says:

    Great stuff, David, The objectivity of your report will have all true ‘Wood’, supporters nodding in agreement, while the colourful prose adds so much to the interest. There are many Walsall Wood exiles dotted about the globe, in both North and South hemispheres who will welcome this endeavour, and who will make these reports to be essential Sunday morning reading, whenever the Wood are playing at home.

  3. Bill Shaw told me after the game, that the ref had informed him that the rules have now changed.
    If the last defender brings a man down he no longer gets sent off. News to me as well, but willing to stand corrected.

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