Everybody cut footloose!

Friend of the blog and stalwart of Brownhills Musical Theatre Company Jamie Norgrovehas dropped me a line to advertise the group’s next show, Footloose.


Looks set to be a yet another great, sellout show!

Based on a true story, Footloose is a tale of rebellion, love, growing up, growing old and growing tensions.  In the backward town of Bomont, pop music and dancing are viewed as a corruption of young peoples’ souls, and the town’s Baptist minister and his town councillors rigorously enforce a complete ban. Meekly accepted by the unsophisticated young folk of the town, the only rebel is the minister’s daughter; that is until a handsome livewire from Chicago moves in… He decides to challenge the law and slowly gains the trust of his new friends, and even more slowly, falls in love with the minister’s daughter. The minister loses his daughter’s respect, and with it, his absolute authority.  The story reaches a glorious and satisfying conclusion in an explosion of dance.

The music takes its influence from Rock and Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country and Western, Gospel and Broadway. In spite of this diversity there is one constant: rhythm. Footloose is a powerful story, with powerful movement. They can’t dance but they can sure take out their frustration in the gym, in the farmyard, in the junkyard… and in the next county!

Brownhills Musical Theatre Company have an excellent reputation for staging sellout shows, and they’re fresh from their latest successes ‘Oliver!‘, ‘The Producers‘, ‘Whistle Stop West End‘ and ‘Rhythm and Romance‘ which received great acclaim. The reason I’sm plugging this so early is because it’s going to be hard to get tickets – so book yours now!

The show runs from the 30th October 2013 to 2nd November at Brownhills Community School Theatre, Deakin Avenue, Brownhills.

Ticket prices as follows:

  • Wednesday​: £10​ Under 16s, £11​ Senior Citizens, ​£12 All others
  • Thursday​: £10​ Under 16s, ​£12 All others
  • Friday​: £10​ Under 16s, ​£12 All others
  • Saturday Matinee: ​£10​ Under 16s, ​£11​ Senior Citizens, ​£12 All others
  • Sat Eve: All tickets ​£13

Tickets available from Ticket Secretary Joanne-Marie Wilkins on 07532 189689, alternatively available on www.positickets.co.uk

Good luck – and break a leg to all involved.

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