Jasmine cottage remembered

Following on from all the remarkable stuff about Jasmine Cottage, Louise Sedgwick has been back in touch with some family photos she’s found of the house and garden.

The whole subject seems to really have captured the imagination of readers, and the series of articles about it and the other houses at Anglesey Wharf are now up amongst the most read articles in the last year of the is blog.

Who’d have thought when I featured an odd perspective of Anglesey Wharf from a recently purchased book it would have led this far?

Thanks to Louise, and all who contributed. Any other memories or images are most welcome. I visited Anglesey Wharf Last week, and took a shot of where I thought the houses would be now. There’s no trace they ever existed. The image is at the foot of this piece, and just goes to show what’s lost in gradual, incremental change.

This is why I do this stuff.


A fascinating aerial view of Jasmine Cottage. Image kindly supplied by Louise Sedgwick.


The large garden, under a dusting of snow. Image kindly supplied by Louise Sedgwick.


Lovely ducks that were kept in the garden of Jasmine Cottage. Image kindly supplied by Louise Sedgwick.


Anglesey Wharf on a dull Sunday last week. Here once, would have been Wharf Cottages, the old stables, and in the distance, Jasmine Cottage.

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6 Responses to Jasmine cottage remembered

  1. Clive says:

    Nice one Louise.

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  3. May Arnott says:

    I would like to contribute to the discussion 0n Jasmine Cottage. My parents George and Winifred Arnott and my brother Anthony lived there from l960 – March l968.My grandfather’s brother William Whitfield Arnott had lived there for many years and after hid wife died, the house was left vacant and overgrown until my mum and dad moved in. My mother’s uncle Harry Styche, who lived at Edial Hall (Dr. S. Johnson’s School) was the gardener for Mr W Arnott and then for his widow until she died. The cottage opposite was occupied by Mrs Meacham and when she moved into Brownhills it was left derelict. The big tree was a Sycamore which was a beauty it and the monkey puzzle tree overlooked what used to be a tennis court but which was later kept just as a lawn. I only lived there three months whilst my husband and I were house hunting in Rugby but I well remember car lights sweeping round the bedroom wall when cars came over the bridge. My father George Arnott who was engineer at No 3 colliery used to cycle there each day from Jasmine. I have several photographs of the house and garden- and many happy memories. Regards Mary Mills nee Arnott

  4. Mary Arnott says:

    sorry about typing slip, for May above, read Mary

  5. Mary Arnott says:

    file:///C:/Users/Colin/Pictures/2011-06-11%20hive3%20assy/Music/Jasmine%20Cottage%201963.JPG Jasmine Cottage 1963

    file:///C:/Users/Colin/Pictures/2011-06-11%20hive3%20assy/Music/Jasmine%20Cottage%201964.JPG Jasmine Cottage 1964

  6. Mary Arnott says:

    I found a couple of photos of interest, the links are in the previous comment. To view copy and paste the links into a new tab on the internet, from file: to .JPG, hopefully this should work. Mary

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