A request from the Degville Family

A touching and lovely message comes to me from Jackie and Sammie Degville, who are undertaking the race for life in aid of Cancer Research in honour of their beloved husband and father Paul Degville, who died following a protracted battle with the illness in January.

I’ll let the ladies explain in their own words.


Paul Degville – Husband, father, musician.

Dear Bob

Ian Bourne recently shared the sad news, via the Brownhills Blog, that my wonderful husband Paul Degville passed away on 6th January 2013.

The news came as a a shock to everyone and only a few individuals were aware that Paul had been couragously fighting a recurrent cancer condition. Although Paul lost his fight sooner than expected, he was always very positive about the treatments and took great interest in advancements in research.

This in mind, our daughter Sammie, my sister, Carole and I have entered Race for Life 2013, due to take place on 16th June to raise funds for Cancer Research. We will be participating in memory of Paul, a beautiful husband and dad and are hoping to raise £1,000.

The day will be very emotional for us as not only is it Fathers Day, but would also have been another wedding anniversary for Paul and I.

I would like to ask you if you could post an appropriate message on your blog and encourage anyone who knew Paul to sponsor/donate (every £1 helps) in his memory at http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/jackie-and-sammie.

If you are able to help spread this very special request it would be much appreciated by Sammie and myself. Paul regularly enjoyed reading your blog and was delighted in the post talking about the jazz music sessions at the Crown, the Wheatsheaf and particularly the references to his dear Mom and Dad. Thankyou.

Jackie and Sammie Degville

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4 Responses to A request from the Degville Family

  1. John Brookes says:

    Never got to see Paul Degville play, But could you tell me did he have a sister called Carol? and did they live on the Broadway Walsall.

  2. Ado Morris says:

    Very sorry to have recently heard that Paul had passed away earlier in the year. Happened to be surfing old friends and discovered the sad news. As far as I remember from The Old Crown days, Paul had a twin sister named Jennifer and I think that she may have moved up north somewhere in later life, don’t know about Broadway, Walsall.

    I played rhythm guitar with him on several occasions and admired his playing greatly. We travelled to Samois, France together for the Reinhardt remembrance Festival and flew to Brussels from Elmdon, B’ham in a four seater, single engined Cessna, his first flight and first trip abroad!

    I’m no longer living in the UK, hence the delayed news of his passing.


    Ado Morris.

  3. mrdoops says:

    My mom was Paul’s twin sister. Her name was Jennifer and was a lovely person. She moved briefly to Cornwall but came back in the early 90’s. Very sadly she passed away aged just 50 in 1998.

  4. mrdoops says:

    My mom was Paul’s twin sister, and her name was Jennifer. She was a lovely, warm person and I miss her greatly. She moved to Cornwall for a brief period but came back in the early 90’s. Very sadly she passed away aged just 50 in 1998.

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