Indecent exposure on Pelsall Wood Common

Jayne Howarth has posted the following on her excellent Common People blog for Pelsall. One would imagine it was too cold for such crimes after the spate last summer, but all one can hope is that the offending scrote gets frostbite in his tackle.

This is important in light of Walsall Countryside Ranger Morgan Bowers’ painfully honest  recent post on a similar subject.

Ladies (or gents, for that matter), if you are subject to this kind of thing, please do contact the police. These types of offences can escalate, and these men need to be caught before they do more serious harm.

Take care, folks.

Pelsall Junction Footbridge, Pelsall, Walsall 29/01/2010

Pelsall North Common by Gary Crutchley, and posted in his Flickr photo stream.

Jayne Howarth wrote:

A hooded man has flashed at a woman as she walked through Pelsall Wood Common.

Police have launched an investigation following the incident after he exposed himself to the 38-year-old victim as she walked along a public footpath on 8 January.

The woman was heading from Wood Lane across the common at about 2pm last Tuesday, when she walked passed the man, whose trousers were undone and he was exposing himself. She was unharmed.

The man is described as white, about 5ft 11in to 6ft tall, in his mid- to late-30s, and he was wearing a red hooded top with the hood pulled over his head, and a grey waterproof jacket.

Inspector Felicity Keane said: “Thankfully these offences are still relatively rare; however there are many parks and open spaces on the east side of Walsall that have historically attracted offenders.

‘Offenders would usually target women, often when they are alone in parks, canals or country tracks.

  • ‘We take any such offences very seriously and we set up an extensive operation in 2012 to reduce this kind of offending, whilst working to bring offenders to justice.”Walsall Police have issued the following guidelines for the public if an offence occurs.
  • Please phone 999 immediately! The Walsall Police plan involves an immediate response for officers to attend and try to capture the offender. Please do not wait until you get home.
  • Try and get a good description of the offender, including detail of clothing. This is very valuable to police, and if the offender is in a vehicle, the registration number is also extremely important to help identify them. The make and model is also very useful.
  • Details of where the offender was last seen, or last seen heading to is very valuable in assisting police to locate them quickly.
  • Never put yourself at further risk to obtain these details, but if have seen them please commit them to memory, or write them down if you can. This information can then be passed straight out to officers via police radio to ensure that a meaningful search can take place straight away.

For advice on staying safe when out, visit:

Any information? lease call Walsall Police on 101 or 0345 113 5000. You can also speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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