Calling time

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It’s sad to see a once fine pub closed. Imagery from Bing! maps.

I noticed at the weekend that a The White Horse pub, just off the A5 in Brownhills, is vacant and up for sale. Sad, really, in it’s day it was a fine house and a good pint. Latterly, it wasn’t so great, but I’d hate to see it go.

The pub is currently listed on Daltons for £275,000 with vacant possession offered:

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It’s never good to see a local boozer go down the tubes. Let’s hope a new buyer can be found soon. Click on the image to visit the listing.

I noticed also that the Struggling Monkey, up on Northgate at Leighswood, between Walsall Wood and Aldridge, is also looking for a new tenant.

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The Monkey was banging in it’s day, too. It would be nice to see it return to former glories. Click to visit the listing.

I had thought the worst of the instability in the pub trade was maybe over – with local rescued houses like The Swan and Hussey Arms doing well, and extensive refurbs for the Crown and Smithy’s Forge, I’d been thinking maybe the situation was stabilising.

Pubs are the heart of the community. I hope the White Horse can be saved, rather than lost to vandalism, arson or another faceless housing development.

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3 Responses to Calling time

  1. Peter says:

    Bob, The Cedar Tree at Lazy Hill is boarded up and shut, has been for a few weeks now.
    I would imagine to walk from the Struggling Monkey to the Cedar Tree would be only 10 minutes, oh how times have changed….. Pubs thrive and others die for good reasons, Supply and Demand in its basic form me thinks!
    All the best and keep up the good work…….Mind how you go.


  2. leeky54 says:

    Bob these pubs are closing down mainly cos it costs too much now to go out for a drink in a pub, the ones that are doing ok all serve food and its the food people go in for. I like many others used to drink in the old Railway Tavern in Brownhills then pop into my uncle’s chippie for chips to eat on the way home, try and do that now all the chip shop close about 9 wat’s all that about??

  3. Steve palmer says:

    Lived in the white horse in the mid to late 80’s as my family ran the pub … have a lot of memories growing up there from the age of 2 until I was 8… only just found out it’s been demolished….saddened it fell as far out of grace as it did

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