Burn, Baby, burn!

No need to light up another listed building – just pop down to your local park. They could, however, do with some pallets. Can you help? Image from Standard Fireworks.

I had this press release through from Walsall Council this week, and I think it’s quite important. Most of us enjoy a good burn up on bonfire night, so in the community spirit, can you help with some fuel? If you can, Walsall Park Rangers would be really pleased to hear from you.

Donations are also requested for a certain local web geek who whittles news sites out of  scrap wood for a hobby. It’s not easy being green.

Walsall Council PR 8354 15/10/2012 [For Immediate Release]

Piles of pallets please!

Walsall’s park rangers are desperate to get their hands on hundreds of wooden pallets so they can make sure the borough’s three bonfires go with a bang again this year.

Bonfires are being held at King George V Playing Fields, Bloxwich, on Saturday 27 October, Holland Park, Brownhills, on Saturday 3 November and Green Flag Award-winning Willenhall Memorial Park on Saturday 10 November 2012.

The rangers need piles of wooden pallets to build the massive fires and have renewed their appeal for plenty of wood.

John Millard, Walsall Council senior park ranger, said: “The fist of our three bonfires is just over a fortnight away and we need absolutely hundreds of wooden pallets to build it.

“Businesses from all over Walsall, as well as outside the borough, have rallied to our call in previous years and we hope to see the same support this year.

“If there’s any factories, supermarkets or warehouses that have any unwanted pallets can they please donate and deliver them to us.”

Thousands of people visit the borough’s bonfires and firework displays every year as they offer a family event in a safe environment.

Anyone who is able to donate and deliver pallets should contact John Millard on 07736 388409, or Trevor Cockayne on 07736 388414.

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30 Responses to Burn, Baby, burn!

  1. Have to say I know a man who doesn’t burn pallets but reuses and recycles them into garden planters, bird tables etc! You may know him… http://aideym.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/274365/ I am grieving at the loss of pallets for the foreseeable future!

    • Good grief.
      There are plenty of pallets to go round, and the council staging an annual community event – of which we get precious few – won’t affect Aiden’s activities one jot.
      If he goes down to the pallet reclaimers that dot most local industrial estates they’ll mostly let him empty the waste skip for what he wants. Likewise, a visit to the local skip company will usually deliver good quality wood for nothing.
      The idea that a community bonfire is going to cause a loss of available pallets is histrionic and silly.
      The biggest problem he’ll have come winter is the people with wood burners looking for fuel…

  2. Blimey!

    I suppose next you’ll be promoting balloon releases with burning pallets attached like giant Chinese lanterns mushrooming over the skies of Walsall, scaring penguins and encouraging sky-diving hippos..

    • Aaargh! Don’t mention the balloon releases!

      You’ll have me Mabbetted at dawn…
      Sky-diving hippos? Wow, that adds a new terror to loafing around Park Street…


  3. Rob says:

    Just been perusing the Walsall MBC site’s Environment section.
    Extensive trendy jargon re: “climate change” & pollution control.

    The climate change part covers GHG emissions and the “carbon management plan” which states that they intend to “reduce CO2 by 30% by 2014” which would have a devastating effect on the atmosphere and is probably not physically possible
    There’s obviously a greater logic than that possessed by mere mortals like us that views burning thousands of wooden pallets as a positive step towards this impossible target.

    The pollution control bit promises a “specialist range of monitoring, investigation and enforcement services” covering, among other things, air pollution and air quality and noise & vibration.
    As they promise to respond to reports from the public will someone have to formally alert them to the incendiary activities of the park rangers (I’m thinking Yosemite here for some reason) or will they monitor and investigate themselves?

  4. The Realist says:

    Why on earth would anyone think that a bonfire and its grisly connections to public punishment is a good idea? I know that, as a community event, a large bonfire might take our minds away from more important matters, but surely the ritual of burning heretics, rebels, women and the generally unworthy does not need re-enacting.

    If there is a surplus of wood, as Linda says make personal use of it. If there is a dearth of entertainment, try whittling, chiselling and turning. These are fine pastimes and will soon be ‘de rigeur’ for the masses unless someone takes up the cuase.

    Alternatively, ask the Council to explain the closure of the Illuminations, its neglect of the Boroughs countryside and its ignorance of cultural, environmental and social benefits that derive from a modicum of care towards its residents.

    Even more amazing is the fact that John Millard is still about. He is, by a mile, the best gardener I ever worked with. I imagine that he has discovered that trolling about on a mini-moke is better than working for a living.

    The Realist

  5. Sheesh! I was on a fishing expedition to reel Mr Brownhills in…just for a laugh. Please do not agree with me as I didn’t mean any of it. There’s enough wood for everyone including a bonfire or several million for the children to celebrate the life of the only honest man who entered parliament. Promise never to joke on your blog again Bob…nobody understands me and I’m obviously not funny!

    • Linda, you’re great and we wouldn’t have you any other way.
      Following his comments about the clearly unique Walsallian tradition of bonfire night, I do wonder what Mr. Realist makes of Easter…


    • Rob says:

      Which just goes to show how well cycling and fishing mix.

      Sure there’s enough wood for everyone, deforestation’s not really happening if you close your eyes for long enough. Let’s burn as much as we can.

      • I’d never fish while riding a bike. I could have someone’s eye out.

        Deforestation? Pallets? That’s a bit desperate. The wood for that suff is sustainable and regrown in plantations – some of which are local on the Chase, providing work for big, burly lumberjacks.


        I think you can probably identify with that one.

        Stay happy


        • Rob says:

          I’d never fish while you were riding a bike either, at least not in a canal.

          I was replying to a post about wood surplus, no mention of pallets, and it wasn’t even to you!

    • Rob says:

      Just read your blog and your comments about the selfish idlers rambling around London today.

      Take it from me, you’re a natural joker, really, really funny!

      • I specifically mention in that blog that two people that I love and are dear to me, neither of which is idle or selfish were on the march in London today. I therefore take your comment as nasty, vile trolling because being aware of that fact, it cannot be considered as anything else. You are contemptible. Losing the argument on this blog you resort to personal insult, always a loser and a sign of a low intellect. I’m a strong believer in Karma. Believe me, it will come back around to you. I’m not thinking bad thoughts about you, merely sad ones.

      • Rob

        It must be grim to be as bitter and twisted as you.
        Linda has more integrity in her little finger than you’ll ever manage.

        If you can’t post without being so unpleasant, I’d really rather you didn’t bother.


  6. Ian says:

    Memories of nights at Aldridge Fire Station, would love to see pictures from those days. Sparklers!

  7. pedro says:

    Back in the 50’s no one would have questioned the occurrence of bonfires; no one had heard of pallets. We used to start collecting wood in July!

    On one occasion someone called the fire brigade and the bonfire was put out, and for good measure the hoses were turned on us kids. Not a pleasant experience.

    • Not sure about the er… ’50s, but in the ’70s we used to collect old tyres! Nobody objected, but then it was Northern Ireland, and for some reason the authorities were more concerned that we didn’t get our hands on fireworks… but those were the days when we recycled milk bottles. Oh how values have changed…

  8. Caz says:

    In the 60’s, like pedro,we went round collecting any old bits of wood lying around for weeks beforehand and our parents got rid of their old furniture on the bonfire….no paying walsall council to take it away.We made a life size guy using our dads old dungarees and shirts, stuffed with newspaper. All the familys in our cul de sac gathered in one garden. The bonfire would be checked for hedgehogs before being lit and we had jacket spuds baking round the fire while we played with sparklers. Fireworks all stored safely in tins away from us kids were let off at a safe distance by parents. Great memories, but i do prefer the big organised events now. Much safer on the whole.
    As for pallets, when i’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on any, i’ve broke them up and tried to put them to good use.
    Best wishes…I hope all enjoy bonfire night and keep safe. Especially the Hedgehogs lol

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