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This is a post for top reader, contributor and friend of the blog David Evans. A couple of days ago, he emailed me asking if I had any old maps covering the general Walsall Wood area. Well, it took me a day or so to get my backside into gear, but here goes.

I know David to be working on some really good stuff about Walsall Wood right now, and I include a teaser. I know that image will generate some discussion amongst the readers.

Meanwhile, I’d point out to all readers and contributors that I’ve had a sudden rush of articles to get up in recent weeks. These are all welcome, and please keep them coming, but please be patient as prepping them and getting them online may take a while. Your work is massively appreciated, so please don’t feel snubbed. I just have to sleep and work sometimes, too…

1884 1:2,500 draft of Walsall Wood. Click for a larger version.

There’s a full sheet 1902 1:2,500 map of Walsall Wood, supplied by top bloke Steve Hickman, available in this post.

1919 1:2,500 draft of Walsall Wood. Click for a larger version.

In the period between the issue of the above and below maps, this aerial phot was taken by Aerofilms. It has been scanned and kindly supplied by David Evans. I believe it dates from 1926. Try and spot the differences – Walsall Wood Bridge is centre bottom and the Coppice Road/Brookland Road junction is at the top. Click for a larger version. More to come later…

Find more Aerofilms goodness in the archives here.

1938 1:2,500 draft of Walsall Wood. Click for a larger version. I’ve learned that the railways aren’t shown on this series because a whole bunch of surveying detail was lost for the entire series, and was later resurveyed. Oops..


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  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    thanks for the maps which are appreciated and very helpful.. In the photo…what make of car is it? Can readers help me ( to win a fiver) please..

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