You want a flake with that?

Here’s a wonderful bit of lost local history regained.

I spotted this film some weeks ago in The Stonnall History Group on Facebook, posted by Desmond Burton. The clip, recorded in 1958, shows the Burton family and pals, including Sandy the dog, enjoying ice cream from Selwyn Smith. Selwyn was one of the two noted ice cream purveyors in Brownhills, the other being the Pelari family. The van is parked up outside Wordsley House.

A fine film, and I thank Desmond for allowing me to use it here. Trapped in Facebook, not as many people would see it as perhaps should, and I’m sure many locals remember Selwyn and his fine confections.

Thanks, Desmond. Just love Sandy, looks like a fine hound.

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9 Responses to You want a flake with that?

  1. Clive says:

    Nice video, thanks to Desmond and Bob. I see the little girl at the end of the video needs abit more pratice, on how to eat an ice cream with minimum lose,ie, bite the end off the cone and suck the ice cream out that way….lol.

  2. pedro says:

    Lichfield Mercury Fri 7 July 1916…Boney Hay…

    The mischievous conduct of some local youths was responsible for the injury of an 18 month old child on Saturday. A pony attached to an ice cream vendor’s cart was standing on the road when a number of youths came along and tickled the animal’s nostrils with sticks or straws. The pony at once backed, and the wheel of the cart passed over and fractured the thigh of the little girl named Dolly Gunn.

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  9. kath groves was adams says:

    i remember selwyn smith shop i live just up the rd from it

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