Crowning glory

In interesting ensemble, in fancy dress for the occasion of the Coronation. But who, and where?

Reader and top contributor David Evans has been in touch with the above rather interesting photo. I think I recognise the location, but I’ll see what others suggest. Can anyone identify the partygoers?

Hi Bob

I expect there will be many photos taken of the festivities and street parties at the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, many years ago. Here is one photo taken then.

Perhaps some of your readers may be able to identify where the photo was taken… and may be encouraged to send their own photos of this memorable event.

with kind regards


There must be loads of photos of the coronation celebrations in Brownhills about. If you have any you’d like to share, or indeed, any images of any Brownhills festivities – carnivals, fetes, sports etc. – please do contact me and I’ll post them here.

The address is BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

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5 Responses to Crowning glory

  1. warren parry says:

    is that taken at Brownhills boys school Bob?

  2. David Oakley says:

    Cannot recognise the participants in the photo, but the location was the lower end of the boys playground at Walsall Wood Senior School, looking just the same as in the 1940’s. To the left is the carpenter’s shop where Mr. Paxton reigned supreme. Mr. Paxton was very active in the A.T.C. during the war and was promoted to Flying Officer. In the background behind the other group was the Staffroom, while to the right, not quite in the picture was the dreaded “block” a piece of limestone abutting from the wall were new boys were parted from their trousers which were then promptly thrown into the girls playground. Never saw it happen, but this dreadful threat persisted for years. To the left in the backround was 3A’s classroom, where Mr Hamer presided for many,many years before becoming relegated to gardening very much later.

  3. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob and David.tis me kneeling at the front. David Evans is the Drummer.
    It was taken at Streets Corner 1953. In the Schoolyard between the woodwork room and the infants School

  4. Caz says:

    Hi Bob, not commented much lately but still read regularly. Thank you for a very interesting blog and thanks to all who contribute and make it so enjoyable to read.
    I tend to agree with David, that this is Walsall Wood school playground. The room directly behind the 2 people walking in the backgound is, and was when i attended, the Headmasters office. The building to the left, i think, is the Youth club now but has had brick supports built up the side since this photo was wishes Caz

  5. Caz says:

    Sorry, i’d missed Trevors post….must be going blind in old age lol yes the building to the left [now the youth club] was originally the infants school. i recall being dragged in there crying once by Mrs Clenton? i think she and her husband owned a shop in Lindon Road, just before the Anchor bridge.

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