Team work?

From the Walsall Observer – reader Dave doesn’t say when from. Do you know any of these footballers?

Here’s an odd little one for the football buffs. I know very little about this clipping other than the text that accompanies it. Reader Dave sent it me a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been trying to fit it in.

Dave said the following:

Hi Bob

Attached a old clipping from the observer for you to take a look at.

thats my grandad back row in the cap (Tom Price)

all the best


It’ll be interesting to see if this jogs any memories or if anyone can explain the history of the club or team. I’m assuming this would be the club that was by the old Brush Garage, or do I have that wrong?

Please, anything you have, either comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers to reader Dave for another of history’s mysteries…

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2 Responses to Team work?

  1. Hayley Sheldon says:

    High Heath Working Men’s Club I believe was situated at 24 Coronation Road , High Heath not by the Brush Garage which was Shelfield Working Men’s Club. Hope this helps in some small way.

  2. Pedro says:

    There is an account of a game in Penkridge Cup between Rugeley Albion Swifts and High Heath United in the Lichfield Mercury of 19th Dec 1913.

    Rugeley won 3-0, and many of their team are mentioned in a lengthy account of the game. But not one from High Heath! Obviously the HH team were unknown and unfancied.

    The account is more like a novel and has some great ways of describing the match…

    …Reaney and Myatt were the central figures of a neat display of combination footballing. They did not, however, reserve it all for themselves, by passing to and fro, utilising every player in the front rank, with occasional assistance from the half back line, they came very close to scoring…

    …Reaney has a happy knack of finding the net when you least expect, and strange when the goal is absolutely in front of him, and appears to be inevitable, he will fail and shoot wide or high over the bar…how he managed miss kicking for goal would defy explanation…

    …then Bolton, and in fact every other took his chance, but owing to the fact that all had gathered together it was decidedly difficult to get the ball through the multitude of feet all kicking blindly until Reaney, by a deft push, or rather a strong push, sent the ball rolling into the goal.

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