And here is the moos…

The cattle at Chasewater, introduced to manage the north heath, are great. They are really beginning to feel at home now, including harassing cyclists. This one attempted to eat my tyre and disc brake. Nothing to do but wait until he gets bored and wanders off.

Take care with dogs. I see many people with loose dogs over here. If one of these animals wants to, they’ll kick fido tens of metres. They don’t mess about.

The key with cows s not to panic, talk to them gently and be passive.

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  1. Mick_P says:

    Lovely. Good choice of music too, though I’d expect nothing less Bob.
    I worked on a couple of farms in my late teens, and one morning at 5am, being a little hung over, I wasn’t paying enough attention as I washed the udders of the cows ready to be milked. One in particular was prone to kick, and I knew this well, but like I say, my head was elsewhere that morning. Almost on the other side of the milking parlour as it turned out. She have me what by her standards was an irritable jab across the jaw with her rear right knee. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to being knocked out cold, and thankfully she didn’t mind as I hung off her rear end in a daze as my knees buckled and the air filled with tiny bright stars. Taught me a lesson. I now would never go near a lady’s udders with a warm wet cloth without first at least passing the time of day.

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