The great Brownhills shipping disaster of 2012

Had some interesting pictures mailed to me yesterday by reader and friend of The Brownhills Blog David Dalley. They’re taken on the canal, near Chasewater at Anglesey Basin, where it seems British Waterways are experiencing a bit of an ‘Oh shit!’ moment. Will check it out myself later…

Hi Bob

Just been down the canal by chasewater and saw this.

Not only that, but they seem to be lowering the level of the canal via crane brook, with a dam just by wharf lane bridge.


My thanks to David for the pictures and tipoff. That has to be a very bad day at work for someone. I wonder if the water is being lowered solely to recover the boat?

This is a dredging vessel. I would imagine that British Waterways are clearing out the basin as part of the Chasewater Dam works. That's gotta hurt. The booms round the boat are to stop oil escapes spreading. Picture supplied by David Dalley.

Canals - if possible - are always dammed at the narrowest part possible, as the force on the dam can be considerable. Often this is at under bridges, many of which have slots in them for dam erection. Picture supplied by David Dalley.

Those swans look a bit cheesed off. Wonder it they've worked out they can walk or fly around the dam yet? Not the brightest birds ever created. Picture supplied by David Dalley.

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6 Responses to The great Brownhills shipping disaster of 2012

  1. Mike hawes says:

    A pity – I was there at the by pass end yesterday just long enough to look at the levels and went home.If time allows tomorrow me and my wife will take a walk down there to take a look. Glad to see some improvement in the levels during our walk round the lake bed on Monday though it has a very long way to go and spring is here so thats probably it for the mass rain fall.

  2. Mike hawes says:

    I posted here earlier but i don’t know what happened to it, I’m not very good at this. I shall go if time permits to chasewater tomorrow and take a look at whats happened. We walked the lake bed on Monday and was heartened to see it filling gradually, though with the spring on the way that will slow down unless it gets very wet.

    I wonder if this dredging barge is the one that was often at Longwood lane docks?

  3. DaveD says:

    Just a shame the can’t put some of the water that is pouring into Crane Brook back into Chasewater.

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  6. Rich says:

    i pop down the basin fairly often with my mate to see how things are going because we’r big into fishing and cant wait to get back on there. we noticed over a week before that it was leening so why didnt the work men see this and do anything about it? now oil has spread at least up to brownhills and prob further! why bring the boat into the basin weeks before it needs to be used when its just being left there as a target for vandals? dont get it. on my travels along the canal iv came across a few small dead roach, a baby pike and a dead frog all as a result of the oil spillage, also the new reeds that are starting to shoot have dead, brown ends. not good enough! luckily (apparently) the tank was empty. cant wait for the work to be completed so things can recover and get bk to normal.

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