Far from daft… Talk today at Walsall Local History Centre, 2:30pm

'Brownhills July 1905 yours sincerely Billy Daft' - There's a story here, I can feel it.

Those readers with long memories will recall reader and researcher at Walsall Local History Centre, Paul Ford appealing here on the blog for information about an autograph/sketchbook that had come into the possession of the archive. Paul wondered if it may be a relation of John Daft, otherwise known as Chasewaterstuff. If you’ don’t recall the story, pop over to my post ‘Is John  Daft in the house?’ and check it out.

It seems from a recent council press release that there’s still much to be learned from this fascinating period piece, and Walsall Local History Centre will be holding an event next Friday (24th February 2012) to discuss the work and what is known about it’s origins, history and the people connected to it.

Help needed from family and local historians in the boroughWalsall Local History Centre is trying to solve the mystery of a personal book which is packed with references of Walsall.

The history centre is holding an autograph book talk on Friday February 24th from 2.30pm until 4pm. The talk aims to unlock some of the mystery surrounding the book.

The Victorian autograph book turned-up in Sheffield and has been sent to Walsall as it packed with poems, cartoons, pictures, thoughts and even stunning oil paintings from people in the Walsall, Willenhall, Cannock, Pelsall, Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay and Brownhills areas.

The album is a human story and was an 18th birthday present from Lottie to her beloved sister, Emily, in 1900. Who were Emily, Lottie, their brother Garrett? Where did they come from and what happened to them?

Everyone is welcome to go along to the talk. To book a place please call 01922 721305.

Paul Ford and the staff of the history centre have made some remarkable contribution to the blog, and I’d like to draw readers attention to some of them, like  the Yates Map of Staffordshire and The great Walsall Wood subsidence mystery or even The lost mortuary in Bullings Heath. Paul is just one of the team at Walsall Local History Centre who provide a largely free service to everyone from serious family historians to muppets like me involved in the bizarrest bits of local history. This service is the jewel in Walsall’s cultural crown and we need to cherish and protect it.

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  1. Hi Bob, I goofed again! I saw your post about the autograph book in last week’s digest but I was busy at the time and didn’t read it – leaving it till later. That turned out to be last night Feb 27th – 3 days after the talk!
    These senior moments seem to be coming more frequently nowadays!
    Last year I emailed a distant cousin about Billy and he thinks he was my grandfather’s brother. My grandfather, as you probably know, had a chippy in Brownhills High Street.
    All the best, John CWS

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