A rich seam

This video paying tribute to the former miners of Brownhills and Walsall Wood has been around for a few years now, but I thought I’d give it a plug on the blog. It’s and interesting compilation by Ulead123, posted on YouTube way back in 2007. It’s a bittersweet thing, and contains some interesting images. I thought it was about time I posted it for readers who maybe hadn’t come across it yet.

My compliments to Ulead123, and if you’re reading this, please shout up – I’d love to hear the story behind this lovely tribute.

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6 Responses to A rich seam

  1. oakparkrunner says:

    Excellent video Bob, well worth sharing.

  2. ulead123 says:

    Thank you for your kind word’s. i have lived in Brownhills all my life,mining as you know was all around, us in my childhood, in the 40’s 50’s, most families had some one in the coal mine’s, so this was a sort of tribute to the Men, who work in the Mine, and the Men who lost their life’s in the Grove disaster,and Men who lost their life’s in Walsall Wood and many more pits,we owe them so much. The tune, The Working Man song by David Alexander, seemed to fit the occasion. Thank you once again for your kind comments, and thank you for your Brownhillsbob,it is always interesting, and keeps us informed what’s going on around our area, keep the good work up

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks for putting this on your blog. Brings back some vivid memories and thanks also to ulead123..Spot on! Music never leaves you!

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  5. goodcuppa says:

    How wonderful. When I visit home I love the miner at the top of Brownhills. It always reminds me of my dad. They lived in the cottages opposite Chasewater entrance. before they demolished them.

    I can remember going to meet my Granddad from the coppie pit when I was little.

  6. barryjohn13 says:

    As a Bloxwich lad I remember travelling by bus in the late fifties from Bloxwich to Leamore each day after school. The back of the bus was full of miners with their black faces and coal dust covered clothes. These clips brought these memories back and I love the song.

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