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Here’s an interesting one from loyal reader and contributor Andy Dennis. This has genuinely touched me, and it dovetails nicely with yesterday’s post featuring Ulead123’s tribute to local miners film. This is a neat progression, and it’s just the kind of wonderfully oblique local artefacts we’ve all come to enjoy from Andy. I’d like to thank him for this, and if you know anything, please do comment. You can email me too, if you’d rather on BronhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Hello Bob

Your blog re tribute to miners reminded me that I was going to send you some bits of memorabilia concerning a local miner who died 50 years or so ago. They are largely self-explanatory, so rather than fill in details, of which I know few, I thought it would be better to see if your readers can contribute their ideas. I do know who the man was (to right of the two men), when and where born, lived, married, died, where his ancestors came from and have an uncertain idea of where he worked, but his story was probably much the same as many other locals.

The filenames should come out in chronological order.

Anyway, I hope you and your readers find this little collection interesting and worthy of discussion and speculation.



[Edited 14th August 2012: I’ve since been informed the chap’s name is Edwin, not Edward. Thanks to Andy for the correction]

No gratitude or respect in this redundancy notice, but I do note that it’s dated November 28th, 1930. Remember that on the 1st OCtober 1930, the Grove Colliery Disaster occurred. If this wasn’t from the Grove, Harrison may well have been experiencing straightened times.

Check out footage of the Grove Colliery Disaster here.

Check out the story of the accident here

September 1953. Edward (actually Edwin – see footnote) with a friend – Edward is on the right.
September 1953. Edward (actually Edwin – see footnote) with a friend – Edward is on the right.
A 1953 postcard from Madeira Cove, Weston-Super-Mare. Interestingly, they seem to have the sea in residence….
Sounds like Edward (Edwin – see footnote) was convalescing nicely. a man of few words…

[Edited 14th August 2012: I’ve since been informed the chap’s name is Edwin, not Edward. Thanks to Andy for the correction]

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