Going by the book

Top reader, writer and blog contributor David Evans has recently put a huge amount of work into scanning some of the materials from the personal collection of local lady Jenny Langford. This is a very diverse collection of ephemera and mementos, from railway timetables to mourning cards.

Amongst the wonderful things Jenny has offered is a printed booklet entitled ‘The Parish Church of Walsall Wood, A Short History’, which does exactly what it says on the cover. David painstaking scanned each page,then sent them to me by email. I’ve reassembled them into a .PDF file for you to download and peruse, or print at will. You may need Adboe Reader, but most folk have that installed already.

This is an interesting and invaluable little book full of fascinating information. There’s a similar history of St. James’ Church in Brownhills, which has been available online for some time. It appears to date from the 1970’s or 80’s.

I’d like to personally thank both Jenny and David. David worked very hard to get this right, despite his internet provided conspiring against hime. I’m very impressed with his patience. Cheers, old chap.

Click on the image above to download the .PDF file. It’s 4.1 megabytes in size, so it may take a while on a slow connection.

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  3. annie says:

    loved this,so informative about the early chuch

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