You couldn’t make it up…

Just a quick note to point out that while I’ve been ranting and fuming about the collective fit of madness down at the Civic Centre, The Plastic Hippo as yet again nailed the situation perfectly. After council leader Mike ‘Blofeld’ Bird spent days justifying an increase in his allowance before u-turning on the idea, this clearly left the Labour group in a bit of a predicament. The result was bizarre. I’ve been banging on  about this absurd series of events for a few days, but as usual, the two-tonne pink fella strips the thing to pieces in the most literate, eloquent manner.

If you do nothing else this weekend, read this article. It’s a killer.

Another work of genius. Click on the screen shot to visit the original.

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  1. Interested says:

    Am I wrong in thinking then, that if our glorious leader (or words to that general effect) had still voted for their increase, it actually would have been carried… Of course assuming that he did actually vote against it…? It certainly seemed a close vote considering how much fuss was made…
    I would love to know exactly who voted in favour…?

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